WATCH: Students disrupt Concordia Poli-Sci class

Photo: Alex Bailey

A major protest planned for Thursday got an early start as a Concordia Political Science class was disrupted by noisy protesters for almost two hours on Wednesday.

The Political Science Student Association voted in favour of a strike mandate for April 1 and 2.

When Professor Graham Dodds' class of about 50 students tried to conduct business as usual, they were interrupted by about 20 protesters banging pots, blowing whistles, and chanting.

They were protesting against the Liberal government's budget cuts.

Dodds told CTV Montreal that while he agrees that universities need more money, preventing teaching is not the way to get it.

"I think it really puts faculty in an awkward position. I mean, students really want to strike but my union and the university says I've got to teach" he said. "We're caught in the middle of all this. It's very awkward. It's not entirely fair."

Dodds and his class voted to continue class despite the presence of picketers.

The visibly frustrated professor refused to cancel the class, and finished at the scheduled time.

"I do think it's unfortunate and ironic that in protesting degraded educational opportunities, students further degrade their own education. It just doesn't make any sense" said Dodds.

Video: Alex Bailey

- With files from CTV Montreal

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