Premier's husband solicited $25 000 for her leadership bid: Radio Canada

Premier Pauline Marois

Pauline Marois flatly denied a report on Monday that her husband solicited $25,000 from an engineering executive before her successful bid for the Parti Quebecois leadership in 2007.

Radio-Canada reported the executive said in a signed affidavit that Claude Blanchet approached him and asked for the money.

The various cheques were for up to $3,000, which at the time was the maximum individual contribution in the PQ leadership race.

Radio-Canada said the man wrote in the affidavit that his company gave him the cheques and that he in turn handed them over in an envelope to Blanchet because he ``wanted to have special access to Madame Marois.''

Marois reacted shortly after the report was broadcast and denied the allegations.

She said she, her husband and the PQ have always respected the law on the financing of parties.

``The chief electoral officer looked at all the numbers and never found anything untoward,'' she said as she campaigned in Drummondville.

Blanchet also denied in the Radio-Canada report that he solicited the $25,000.

Radio-Canada said the man, who did not want to be identified, told the French-language network of the CBC he has known Blanchet for 15 years.

The network also reported that another engineering executive was asked for money by Blanchet ahead of the 2008 provincial election.

The man said he gave Blanchet cheques totalling $5,000 from employees of his firm.

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  1. Eric posted on 03/31/2014 07:38 PM
    Big mistake to deny this. if it ends up being true this will mean even bigger trouble for Marois, her Party and husband.

    Something fishy is going one here!
  2. crj posted on 03/31/2014 09:00 PM
    With these two where there's smoke there is a raging blaze. Marois and the PQ are the perfect gift that keeps on giving.
  3. Murray posted on 03/31/2014 09:07 PM
    Marois can easily prove that this is false by making the list of donors public. The DGEQ must have it. There are not too many people out there who would donate $3,000 to Marois. I wouldn't give her 3 cents! :o)
  4. George Grummett posted on 03/31/2014 09:12 PM
    Oh, what a tangled web we weave ...
  5. Joe DeRome posted on 04/01/2014 06:45 AM
    Hold On!! Mme Marois will talk about this issue as soon as she feels we are ready to hear her side.....
  6. joeN posted on 04/01/2014 08:10 AM
    We just scratched the surface. Alot more to come from Charboneau Commission....
  7. ric posted on 04/01/2014 08:14 AM
    And you were wondering why she called an election before being called before the Charbonneau Commission. Does anything that these slime balls do is on the up and up?
  8. 1mohawkview posted on 04/01/2014 02:49 PM
    And now NEPOTISM.
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