Riding profile: Marquette

The Fontaine de Vie at Lachine Borough Hall.

According to voters in the riding of Marquette, this election should be about one thing: the economy.

Marquette has an unemployment rate of 7 point 4 percent and has suffered job losses recently.

That includes the 200 people who lost their jobs at the Old Dutch factory, which closed last fall.

Marquette encompasses Dorval and Lachine and runs a deep Liberal red.

It's been represented by Francois Ouimet for the past 20 years, and he usually scoops up about 50 percent of the vote.

He's favoured to win again. Those who know him like him, and the PQ, which usually comes in second, is running untested, unknown CEGEP student Elisabeth Fortin.

The CAQ is running Marc Theriault, a sales manager and technician at a photography company, while CEGEP and university professor Marie-France Raymond-Dufour is hoping to represent Quebec solidaire.

But it's Ouimet's name that people recognize.

At Cafe EATalie on Notre Dame street in Lachine, patron Louise Howell and her friend Anita St-Germain both said they plan to vote Liberal.

"I'm hoping to see a resurgence, some sort of faith in Montreal, faith in our province again," said Howell.

Over in Dorval, bartender Karl Markovits echoes her sentiments. He thinks Quebec needs to concentrate on restarting its economic engine.

"It seems like we're not advancing," he said. "Like we're at a halt, and we'll never get to where we should be."

Francois Ouimet says attracting and retaining jobs in his riding is his priority.

And according to voters, it's theirs as well.

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