PQ decision gives Julie Snyder access to millions

Julie Snyder

A decision made by the Parti Quebecois government days before the election call will give their political ally, Julie Snyder, new access to millions in tax credits.

Snyder publicly supported Pauline Marois during the 2012 election campaign and has campaigned for the PQ charter of values.

She had been previously shut out from collecting tax credits from SODEC, a government-run society.

La Presse newspaper says Pauline Marois' entourage and her minister Maka Kotto pressured for the change to happen as quickly as possible, despite SODEC's arguments against it.

Snyder's production company, Production J., had been blocked from gaining the credit because television networks are not allowed to collect the money, and she had been coupled with Pierre Karl Peladeau, who owns Quebecor.

Under the old rules, Snyder would have had to wait 24 months following her separation. Not anymore, says the paper, which says the recent decision represents millions of dollars for Snyder's company.

The new rules were announced on February 28th, less than a week before the election call.

Production J. denies that there was any political motives for the change. It argues that the company has always been independent from Quebecor and should be recognized as such.

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  1. SStM posted on 04/01/2014 07:44 AM
    Shocked! I had no idea that such things could occur under this regime. What a surprise? ........ April Fools !
  2. LMAO posted on 04/01/2014 08:01 AM
    Add this to the fund raising scandal with Marois and her husband and the smoke begins to turn into a raging fire of corruption.
  3. ric posted on 04/01/2014 08:10 AM
    This certainly wouldn't be called a PAY OFF for her separatist campaigning for the pq and the charter of discrimination would it? Surely peladeau had nothing to do with it either.
  4. joeN posted on 04/01/2014 08:19 AM
    Yes, everything was above board and within PQ acceptable rules. That is, rules for PQ friends and supporters and then rules for les autres.
    1. 1mohawkview posted on 04/01/2014 01:21 PM
      @joeN I believe the proper term is CRONYISM.

      PKP also sat in on meetings with the PQ while he was chairman of Hydro.
      He now is running for the PQ party and we have the highest raise in Hydro in 8 years. What do you call that?

      Another question has anyone noticed how more of the 1% is getting into politics?
  5. GT posted on 04/01/2014 08:25 AM
    Has anyone challenged her for proof that she is pure laine? Her last name says that she's a rich anglo and should be excommunicated from the PQ ranks.
  6. Murray posted on 04/01/2014 09:18 AM
    What one political party giveth another political party may taketh away and give to their own supporters!
  7. Eric posted on 04/01/2014 09:52 AM
    When the Liberals win on the 7th I hope they reverse this decision and take back these tax credits. Totally disgusting.
  8. Barcham posted on 04/01/2014 12:00 PM
    Wait a minute...they are separated, not divorced. Legally they are still a couple so there should be no change in her tax status.
  9. clint posted on 04/01/2014 12:15 PM
    Probably divorced PKP just to by-pass the rules
  10. Nigel Spencer posted on 04/01/2014 12:26 PM
    Recently Chantal Hébert in the Toronto Star quoted a source to the effect that Marois plans to step down in two years, leaving the PQ in a strong position to hold a referendum.
    What's the betting her Dauphin will be PKP, tax dodges and all?
    Berlusconi, here we come!
    1. George73 posted on 04/01/2014 02:47 PM
      @Nigel Spencer Perhaps this is why Lisee has started to divorce himself publically from trhe PQ's official positions. He knows the PQ are on the way out, Marois will be consigned to the garbage of hsitory and he will be in a fight with PKP for the PQ leadership. He needs to dissociate himself from the rot ASAP to stand any chance against the $$$ of PKP.
  11. Dale posted on 04/01/2014 01:17 PM
    It would seem that all the chickens are coming home to roost.
    I really think that Mme. P tells so many lies that she actually believes them.
    All I can say is "LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!!"
  12. Jim posted on 04/01/2014 04:24 PM
    Let's see...first Videotron (owned by Quebecor) puts out a very complimentary video biography on Pauline Marois just a few months before Peladeau's nomination as a PQ candidate; which is determined to not have been a deliberate illegal electoral campaign ploy (????). Then, the PQ breaks precedent (3 prior cases of PQ candidates) by allowing Peladeau to keep his shares in Quebecor while he is running in the upcoming election. Now we see that the PQ had, just prior to calling the election, arranged to benefit Peladeau's ex-wife by re-writing the rules regarding tax credits to businesses. Is there a pattern emerging? The next question should be: "What has been offered or promised to Peladeau beyond this that we have as yet to discover?". How is this not screaming of partisanship and collusion of the worst kind? If taken by itself, this would be bad enough, but considering all of the numerous other machinations that have been going on daily from the PQ, one must ask how they have not been laughed off stage when they give their press conferences. Rob Ford is now treated like a pariah. How is the PQ presenting themselves as any less credible than he?
  13. MacPap posted on 04/01/2014 06:02 PM
    Quickie separation.
    Quickie tax fix.
    Quickie election.
    Who knew gov't could be so efficient?!
  14. Andy posted on 04/01/2014 06:23 PM
    Ah, ha ha ha.. I get it.. April fools right?… uhmmm ummm Right??
  15. MacPap posted on 04/01/2014 09:50 PM
    So, here we go from Hydro Québecor to the Parti Québecor, then the Republic of Québecor.

    Time to get out the old Band album CAHOOTS.
  16. Sheldon C posted on 04/02/2014 10:27 AM
    Marois doesn't even respect the law that her government passed concerning elections being held on a fixed date. If she broke a law that her government passed, why should we ever expect that she would respect any laws at all (including campaign financing!)
  17. George73 posted on 04/02/2014 02:23 PM
    As a true patriot, Ms Synder should refuse these Quebec tax credits. Afterall, the PQ demanded that Couillard should have paid taxes when he was under no legal obligation to do so.

    Ms Synder, why does your company even need these credits? Can your business model not survive without them? Guess you cant threaten to take your business out of province, can you. No market for your product across the border(s).
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