Marois promises tax cuts; says she didn't mention anything before about it because she wasn't asked

With just days left in the Quebec election campaign and her Parti Quebecois apparently struggling in opinion polls, Pauline Marois came out with a surprising promise on Thursday: future income-tax cuts.

The goodies would kick in only after the province balances its budget, which the PQ has said will occur in 2015-16.

In an exchange with Michel Leblanc, head of the Montreal Board of Trade, Marois said a re-elected PQ government would cut business taxes.

She then told reporters later the promise would also extend to individual taxpayers.

Asked why she waited until Day 30 of the campaign to mention the commitment, Marois replied: ``Not a lot of people asked me (about tax cuts).''

"The board of trade asked me the question.''

Marois was short on details about the cuts, which she surely hopes will help the PQ regain some momentum before Monday's vote.

"The middle class is heavily taxed,'' she said. ``We know that, and we want to alleviate some of that burden.''

In a campaign dominated by talk of corruption, integrity and the secular charter, there had been no inkling of any tax-relief announcements since the election being called March 5.

The surprise announcement was brushed off by both of her main rivals. Coalition Leader Francois Legault called it improvisation and a desperate move. Perceived front-runner, Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard, dismissed her pledge as a political play.

"The last time I heard Madame Marois talk about taxes was when she scared everyone with retroactive tax hikes after they formed a government,'' Couillard told a gathering in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, south of Montreal.

"Is there anyone here who believes her?,'' the Liberal leader asked.

The response from the partisan crowd was a collective:``No.''

"Come on!'' Couillard added in a further jab at Marois's announcement.

While the PQ has promised a balanced budget in 2015-2016, Quebec's interim auditor general said recently the government was being very optimistic if it thought it could achieve it within a few years.

The PQ campaigned in 2012 on a promise to balance the budget in 2013-2014, the fiscal year which ended just a few days ago, on March 31.

It eventually put off the objective after saying government revenues were way lower than anticipated.

Marois said one-half of any future budget surpluses could be used for tax cuts and one-half for improvements in services.

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  1. Markymark posted on 04/03/2014 08:49 PM
    For the love of all that is pure and divine......have you ever......EVER....heard of anything so moronic?
  2. Joe posted on 04/03/2014 08:59 PM
    Nothing new just making it up day by day, people have figured it out Queen Pauline.
  3. Eric posted on 04/03/2014 09:09 PM
    *LOL* Talk about desperation now! The ship is sinking so start throwing out what people want. Once in forget about the promises! Don't trust her a bit!!!!!
    1. peter posted on 04/03/2014 10:03 PM
      @Eric Row Row Row your boat Pauline. your ship has sunk
  4. ric posted on 04/03/2014 10:18 PM
    Well pauline, you can promise the world now. You're done. Maybe pkp will hire you to balance his budget.
  5. Kari posted on 04/03/2014 11:20 PM
    From ridiculous to even more ridiculous!
    I for one cannot wait for Monday when this person will just go away and we can get down to actually trying fix the mess we're in.
    The scary part of Marois is that she thinks we actually believe her!!!!
  6. Joel posted on 04/03/2014 11:33 PM
    I would be embarrassed to say something so blatantly foolish "no one asked me" Does she really think anyone will believe this? This just shows how little respect she has for the intelligence of Quebec voters. How arrogant can you be Mme Marois? And you want people to follow you to the promised land. Words fail me.
    1. Alex posted on 04/04/2014 08:18 AM
      @Joel Said so accurately and eloquently. Thanks.
  7. Barcham posted on 04/04/2014 12:13 AM
    Nothing to worry about. If the PQ stays in power I figure we'll have a balanced budget around the same time that Queen Pauline declares Quebecers ready to have another referendum. That should be around 2115-2116. :)
  8. More BS posted on 04/04/2014 06:19 AM
    Her and the rest of party of soap dishes need to be committed to an insane asylum for life.
  9. David White posted on 04/04/2014 06:57 AM
    Balanced budget? Tax cuts? Another fantasy and a line of bull being fed to the public with a teaspoon.
    No one has asked any politicians one important question: "why are we as Quebecers can go to Cornwall Ontario, and pay $1.17 a litre for fuel and come back here and pay $1.47? Is Quebec gas more special?
    1. daemoncan posted on 04/04/2014 09:58 AM
      @David White ....especially when you take in consideration the fact that most of the fuel sold in the Cornwall area is sourced from Montreal refineries.
  10. clint posted on 04/04/2014 07:06 AM
    Pauline is leaving quite the legacy for the first female premiere of Kweebek. The bar has been set so low for the next female who wants to take her place.
    I think Dr Phil should hire Pauline as an adviser after she loses....whatever she the opposite.
  11. Murray posted on 04/04/2014 07:09 AM
    I guess that PKP will be subsidizing all of Quebec's tax payers.
  12. Jim posted on 04/04/2014 07:15 AM
    At this point, she is doing so badly that she would still go down in flames even if the pope had named her yesterday as one of the Quebecers being canonized ...oooops!, How would she ever represent "la laicité" if that was the case. Either way, she's toast. How can anyone trust anything that she or her government says as they seem to be making things up as they go along. If tax cuts were part of their mid-term plans, who in their right mind would not promise this from the beginning to try to gain votes. They are desperate, making false promises and have no reliable economic plan. They are lying to Quebecers and hopefully this can be recognized before people go to the voting booth.
  13. daemoncan posted on 04/04/2014 09:56 AM
    So she's using the "Rob Ford" strategy now... Otherwise known as "Don't ask, Don't tell..."
  14. 1mohawkview posted on 04/04/2014 12:01 PM
    Would it have mattered if anyone asked? How many times was she asked about a referendum? Or if anyone will get fired for wearing religious attire?

    She must think we are all morons!
  15. George73 posted on 04/04/2014 04:42 PM
    Funny. She's been asked a lot of questions about her husband's financial dealings and fundraising, yet refuses to answer those questions.

    We're asking the questions Pauline. You're just refusing to answer those to which you have no answer since the answers are unlikely to be vote-getters.
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