UPDATED: City will slash 2700 positions over five years


Mayor Denis Coderre announced sweeping cuts to the city's administration Thursday morning.

The city is expecting to slash 2700 positions between now and 2018.  It's also expecting to create 500 new positions during that time.

The cuts, Coderre says, would be done through attrition, and no one would actually lose their jobs.

“When the positions become vacant, one out of two we’ll cut, and we’ll be flexible.  Of course, if there’s some departments that if you empty all jobs, you’re going to say, tough luck, you just have a building, no that’s not how it works.”

Coderre says the cuts will save the city about 240 million over the next five years, which represents 10 percent of the budget, and $2 billion over the next decade. 

Money which will be used to fix and maintain the city's crumbling infrastructure.

The mayor says his administration has set aside $1.3 billion each year, on average, to maintain the city's roads and infrastructure between now and 2016, but he says the city needs a real investment of closer to $2.1 billion dollars a year.

Coderre says right now the city’s workforce represents over 50 percent of its budget and the cuts will help make up the 800 000 million dollar gap. 

He also wants to borrow less to pay for infrastructure costs.

Coderre says the city will work with boroughs to determine which positions will be cut. The boroughs will need to agree with the plan for it to become a reality.

There will not be cuts to police and fire departments.

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  1. Mike d posted on 04/03/2014 06:45 PM
    Wow someone with the courage to do what really need to be done. Work on their defined pension plans next.
  2. Jen posted on 04/04/2014 09:32 PM
    Great job Mr. Codere!!! Now we need someone like you for Premier of the God forsaken province to get rid of all the BUREAUCRACY in the Health care system and give the money to doctors and nurses.... Out with all the public workers making double regular salaries, in with hard work and prosperity!
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