Liberals to win, gambling firm predicts

Bodog: PLQ 75-80% likely to be in power after Monday

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Online gambling site Bodog is accepting bets on Monday's provincial election; they say it's 75% to 80% likely that Liberals will form a government after Monday's vote.

A gambler would have to bet roughly $400 on Liberals to win $100.

Premier Pauline Marois' PQ is a longshot; Adam Burns, Sports Book Manager at, puts their odds of winning at three-to-one. 

Gamblers can also bet on the number of seats Liberals and the PQ could win; the "over-under" for the PLQ is 64.5 and 53.5 for the PQ. For the percentage of the popular vote: 42.5% for Liberals and 31.5% for the PQ. 

"As of today," Burns said, "based on the information and statistics we have analyzed, we feel that the Liberal party would win the election...however, polls and election data can change from moment to moment, and in turn, these odds can fluctuate quite a bit over the next few days."

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