Quebec Solidaire competing with Liberals in Outremont

The Outremont riding represents a contrasting mix of voters. It encompasses the higher income francophone families of the Outremont borough, the allophone and student community of Côte-Des-Neiges and the bohemians of the Mile End.

The Outremont riding has long been a Liberal stronghold. The party usually wins about 50 percent of the vote. Former finance minister Raymond Bachand and Liberal leader Philippe Couillard have both won seats in the riding.

But for the first time, the Liberals are running a female candidate. It's Helene David, sister of Quebec Solidaire co-spokesperson Francoise David.

She comes from a long line of politicians, and says as vice-rector at the University of Montreal, her priority is education.

“My main preoccupations are around higher education, but higher education is the conclusion of the best education possible at the primary, secondary and CEGEP level,” she said.

Students who live in the riding echo her sentiments.

“Maple spring is not that far away, it’s only two years ago and now we don’t talk at all about education or the fees to University,” one said.

But on the University of Montreal campus it seems Quebec Solidaire is more popular.

“I’ll vote for Quebec Solidaire because I believe they give solutions.”

Their third time candidate Edith Laperle, won 32 percent of the vote in the 2013 by-election, up from 18 percent in 2012. She says the main priority for the riding is affordable housing.

On the other side of the mountain, in the Mile End, some voters at Cafe Olympico say they're not paying attention to the campaign.

“Everything is really negative around it, so I’ve been avoiding the negativity,” one woman said.

Others say they're voting Liberal.

“I want to avoid another referendum; I don’t want to descend into that.”

“I’m voting Liberal because I don’t like the Parti Québécois, I don’t like their sovereignty and separation.”

Other candidates running in the Outremont riding are Roxanne Gendron with the Parti Québécois, Rébecca McCann with the Coalition Avenir Québec, Théo Brière with the Green Party, Galia Vaillancourt with Option National, Simon Pouliot with the Conservative Party of Quebec and Mathieu Marcil running independently.

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