UPDATED: Mole cop sentenced to eight years in prison

Benoit Roberge pleaded guilty to gangsterism charge

The former police officer who pleaded guilty to selling confidential information to the Hells Angels was handed an eight-year sentence for his crime Friday morning.

In March, Benoit Roberge pleaded guilty to charges of gangsterism and breach of trust.

With time served, he'll have to spend seven years and three months in prison.  Because of the severity of his crime, he can only apply for parole after half of his sentence is up, instead of the customary third.

The sentence was considered harsh but all parties agreed on it because of the damages caused to police operations and informants.

“He was taking a gamble on the security of certain people, the judge recognized it and Roberge recognized it,” his lawyer Richard Perras said.

“He has lost self respect, that’s something you don’t cure of easily.”

Roberge did not get the maximum 10 year sentence given his collaboration with police.

“M. Roberge gave back the money he received and he did plead guilty at first opportunity,” crown prosecutor Maxime Chevalier said.

“The fact that he pleaded guilty avoids trials where a lot of information would have come out,” Perras said.

When Roberge pleaded guilty, he said he began selling information to the Hells Angels because he was threatened but the judge said the recordings did not show that.

As a police investigator, Roberge had built a solid reputation as an expert witness against the same gangs he sold information to.   Roberge received $125 000 for the information he supplied to the bikers, $115 900 was retrieved by police.

He had just retired from the Montreal police force and began working with Quebec's revenue agency.

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  1. Johnny posted on 04/04/2014 07:39 PM
    A guy like this should rot in prison. I don't feel any sympathy for him at all! He abused the public trust, took advantage of his position for personal gain. Most of all, he swore to uphold the law and used his power and position to gain from it. And I'm sure he's not the only one! No pity, throw the book at him. And they want to give cops the power to apply prostitution laws as they see fit, could you imagine how many cops would be taking advantage of those poor girls on the street! We need stringent rules governing police conduct and an independent review board to oversee them, not one appointed by cops. Cops policing cops doesn't work!
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