WATCH: New police brutality allegations following Thursday's protest

There are new allegations of police brutality after several videos taken during Thursday afternoon's student-led anti-austerity protest in downtown Montreal began making the rounds of the Internet.

One video (top) shows a 71-year-old cyclist being knocked over and injured while officers in riot gear charged a group of demonstrators.

The video appears to show the riot squad officer stopping, and then giving the man a shove with his shield before continuing his charge.

The cyclist suffered cuts and bruises, and was tended to on scene.

CJAD intern Taylor C. Noakes saw it all and disputes police reports that the man's injuries were minor. Noakes has St. John's Ambuance first aid training and helped tend to the man.

"The fact that he was on blood thinners for a heart condition probably made it look worse than it was," he says. "But the fact remains, he was pushed violently by riot police using his shield and not in a defensive way and he smashed his head open. It was violent enough."

Another video posted to (below) shows Shane Murphy, a photographer for the McGill Daily, being shot by a rubber bullet in the stomach.

He was taken to hospital shortly thereafter.

Montreal police would only say that both people were taken to hospital, and that they would not comment on the content of the videos for the time being.


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  1. ricardus posted on 04/04/2014 07:22 PM
    I blame R.B.C.M c. P-6 for this, and also judges who have made rulings in cases related to it. The reason things turned bad was that the police began attacking the crowd for the purposes of ending it because it went on a long time and this was bad for traffic. A Superior Court judge ruled in 2008 that this was a good reason to arrest everyone. They provoked trouble and this in turn would serve to justify a dispersal. They would never have had this issue at all had they not commandeered the ASSE's lead sound system truck that was to stop at Victoria Square to end it there. Without that truck and without the sound system inside to tell everyone that this was the end point, the march just continued after that, going on and on. Well done, SPVM.
  2. Ian posted on 04/04/2014 09:39 PM
    If the man had been wearing a helmet, his head would not have been injured. That being said, once identified the cop should be charged with assault.
    1. ricardus posted on 04/04/2014 10:22 PM
      @Ian I know what they will say... as the riot cop with the shield has the duty to sweep everyone before him, all those in the way who are injured are responsible for their own injuries. It's like the 728 pepper situation. Police are trained to use their weapons when people approach too closely, particularly if they are guarding a line as she was. In this case, it was standard procedure to pepper anyone approaching too close (the retractable baton is also used in such situations as I have seen first hand) ... but... the 728 video shows that the person was backing off when he was peppered and the pepper attack was a response not to the approach, but to his words. Still, as it resembled a "mandated use of force" situation they ruled in her favour there and I would expect the same here.
    2. jim posted on 04/05/2014 10:28 AM
      @Ian What an insensitive putzy thing to say. The man was crossing the road trying to get out of the way. He was hit on the side of the head... For no reason.....Where;s your humanity?
  3. ricardus posted on 04/04/2014 10:29 PM
    I can't get over the decision to commandeer the sound truck. Though the ASSE did not give the itinerary to police, this was a major demonstration with planned start and end points, partly to make it easier to arrange the transportation of those from out of town who are bused in. They would send the buses to the end point. This helps make the march more orderly and closer to an "official" march and less like those spontaneous ones that cause the police to complain. So the police commandeer the sound truck and they issue $3,000 worth of tickets to the driver. The ASSE says this is unprecedented. The march veers out of control into the anarchic everywhere type of situation that the police claim to deplore. What were they thinking? Also, I was struck about how the crowd failed to respond to actions that usually provoke these crowds. Intervention squads in riot gear were cutting into the assembly area. Normally, such s on 22 September 2012, this would cause hostile groups to chant "pas d'police dans nos manifs!" This time, people seemed to ignore them. I was also struck by the reaction of the remainder of the crowd after the dispersal order was given (that I did not hear) and all the violence happened. At this point, this was supposed to be an Assembly Breaching the Peace, Public Order and Safety under P-6 and defendants had they been arrested for that would have to describe what they saw. "I saw people dancing and singing in the street", I would have to answer...
  4. John posted on 04/05/2014 01:14 AM
    OK , here is my take in this matter . The cop who did this should be charged with assault , no question .

    I also think that this 71 year old man should have not been in the middle of the street while a group of riot police where advancing toward him and the fleeing crowd . If that was me I would get to he*l out the way ASAP .

    Oh yes , wear a helmet while riding your bike Sir.
  5. Mike d posted on 04/05/2014 11:09 AM
    Punks throwing rocks at police. Just look at the cast of losers at this demo. I especially like the naked women walking around and all the beautiful quebec flags. I support our police 100 percent. Start to arrest these losers get them a criminal record. The bike guy to bad for him get out of the way.
    1. WithinNB posted on 04/08/2014 02:23 AM
      @Mike d Rocks thrown before or after police knocked the man off his bike and hit him with the edge of a shield, or after armed police officers used weapons (batons and pepper spray) on unarmed citizens?
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