NDG's Weil fears sovereignty; CAQ's Sidel, traffic

photo: La Presse

"The mud-slinging has gotten so low that it's disturbing."

Liberal MNA Kathleen Weil said her NDG constituents are stressed out after a dirty and divisive election campaign.

She said residents of the largely Anglo riding are concerned about a possible referendum and the PQ's Charter of Values.

"We've had 18 months of a PQ government that has created a lot of anxiety and I feel it on the ground."

Her CAQ opponent, sports journalist Noah Sidel, is taking a nuanced approach to the Charter of Values; his party is for some of the measures outlined in the PQ's charter.

After getting to know leader Francois Legault, Sidel is confident the CAQ leader will respect Anglo and other minority rights.

"'I am Quebecois and I am proud,' and he said to me, 'Noah, absolutely you are, and you need to take your place in this province.'"

Getting to any place from NDG by car or public transit has been a nightmare over the past few weeks. Weil is "very concerned because Turcot is going to have major work coming between 2015 and 2020."

Between the closure of the St. Jacques entrance to the Ville Marie, construction on the MUHC superhospital and roadwork on Sherbrooke, traffic problems in NDG have become severe.

"I'd to know where the representative for NDG was in the National Assembly," Sidel said, "while those plans were being made to stand up say 'I'm sorry, but the people I represent can't be trapped."

The PQ's NDG candidate is lawyer Olivier Sirard; for Quebec Solidaire, human rights lawyer and professor Annick Desjardins.

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