CAQ rookie plays nice with Geoff Kelley

CAQ candidate Denis Deguire: Ste. Anne's a ghost town in winter

Liberal Geoff Kelley is looking to win a seventh term as MNA for the riding of Jacques Cartier.

West Island residents, Kelley said, still have sovereignty on their minds.

"This is very much a federalist bastion, not just a Liberal bastion," he said, "and people are very concerned about the possibility of another referendum."

The riding is indeed a Liberal bastion; they've won it by very wide margins in every election since 1994.

CAQ candidate Denis Deguire, a retired Ste Anne's parish volunteer, asks residents to consider the CAQs non-sovereignist alternative.

"The only thing I ask my citizens in Jacques Cartier," Deguire said, "is to vote for the man; forget the colours."

"A vote for the Liberal party", Kelley said, "is a vote for Canada, and every vote counts."

Speaking to CJAD 800, Deguire said he'll work night and day if he pulls off the upset of the decade on Monday.

"Winter time beside the river is almost a ghost city," said Deguire, who wants to work with merchants to boost off-season business.

Even though the CAQ was about 70 percentage points behind Kelley last election, Deguire refused to take off the gloves.

"I won't talk against him because I don't know him," Deguire said at the Basile diner in Ste. Anne's. "I'm just a citizen, that's why I'm here."

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  1. CDU posted on 04/06/2014 07:44 AM
    I am very glad I do not live in this riding. I'd hate to have to give my vote to Mr. Kelley. I watched most of the hearings over Bill 14 and his condescending demeanour and 'big deal' attitude towards those who were trying to share their personal experiences over language discrimination made me want to puke. This for me is the worst part of only having one party choice to vote for. Kelley will get voted in no doubt, but what a terrible person to have to represent our interests when he clearly couldn't care less about what the common person experiences in real every day life. As English service continues to disappear in the West Island, what has Kelley done to represent West Islanders and want to see from their government? Sitting in a chair across from them saying that view is an "exaggeration". Pathetic.
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