Charbonneau hearings resume; party financing, contracts now in spotlight


After a month-long election hiatus, the Charbonneau Commission's hearings resumed Tuesday morning, with the spotlight now on political party financing and construction contracts awarded by the Quebec government.

On Tuesday, the Commission heard from Martin Comeau, a commission worker who told of how just 12 engineering consultancy firms received fully 87 per cent of all the contracts from the Quebec Transport ministry between 1997 and 2012.

He also testified that the people working for these firms were particularly generous with political parties, turning over a total of close to $15 million in legal donations over a period of 13 years — including $8 million to the Quebec Liberals, with much of the rest going to the PQ and the now-defunct ADQ.

Comeau added that the money largely stopped flowing once the corruption inquiry was called.

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