East-end Islamic centre targeted by vandals overnight


Montreal police are investigating an act of vandalism at an Islamic centre overnight which may be tied to the outcome of the Quebec election.

Last night, an axe was thrown through the window of the Assahaba Islamic community centre at 4201 Belanger St. in the Rosemont district.

Ian Lafrenière with Montreal police says there was a message on the axe. He wouldn't confirm what that message was, but a report quotes Adil Charkaoui, the centre's president, as saying the words "F*** Liberals" and "We will exterminate Muslims" were written on the axe.

Charkaoui is the Moroccan-born Montrealer who first made headlines a decade ago when he was arrested and detained by the Canadian government on a security certificate as a suspected Al-Qaida sleeper agent. More recently, he became an outspoken opponent of the PQ's values charter.

Lafrenière says they're questioning witnesses and viewing video surveillance footage.

Charkaoui told Le Journal de Montréal that he received death threats on Twitter Monday night.

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  1. ric posted on 04/08/2014 09:33 PM
    I'm sure this has nothing to do with the charter of discrimination. Imagine if it had gone through.
  2. Jim posted on 04/08/2014 10:57 PM
    There would be no better time for the police to thoroughly investigate and apply the anti-hate legislation that exists. If the courts were to apply it to the fullest extent of the law, it would make a good example to curb this cancer that has unfortunately been given validity through the public forums held by Drainville in which intolerance was justified and promoted. Lets start with a clean slate by prosecuting and then promoting harmonious co-existence with others who may be visibly different than ourselves.
  3. Terry posted on 04/09/2014 12:02 AM
    And who did the defeated independent candidate in the Lapiniere riding blame for her loss in the election?
  4. Murray posted on 04/09/2014 06:26 AM
    Aha! The xenophobia was not defeated in the election.
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