No Grey Cup in Montreal without new roof on Big O

The president of the Montreal Alouettes says we won't have a Grey Cup in Montreal until Olympic Stadium gets a new roof.

In 2017, it could have been Montreal's turn to host the Grey Cup but Alouettes president Mark Weightman says they can't bid on the game, because the condition of the Olympic stadium roof is too risky.

The game could be cancelled if 3 centimeters of snow accumulates on the roof.

“There’s a risk that the game would have to be pushed back, as we unfortunately saw happen with the Impact game a few weeks back, which would be catastrophic for the Grey Cup, so the league is not in a position to accept our candidacy,” Weightman said.

The roof on the Olympic stadium won't be fixed before 2019, at the earliest, and Weightman says it's the only venue large enough to hold the event.

“It’s 120 million dollars of economic impact on the city as well, at a time (end of November) that there’s not a lot of other events going on in the city so it’s something that we look forward to doing in the short term but the roof needs to be rectified first,” he said.

The Olympic Installations Board would not comment.

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  1. Joe Best posted on 04/09/2014 03:41 PM
    The roof at Olympic Stadium has been under the very same restrictions since 2000. The Alouettes held the 2001 and 2008 Grey Cups at the Big O as well as playoff games up to 2012. There is now, in fact, a higher tolerance for snow accumulation than there was prior to 2014.
  2. Dan posted on 04/09/2014 04:26 PM
    We need to stop throwing good money after bad. They need to admit that the stadium design was a big mistake, use it for demolition training (probably won't take much) and build a proper stadium. Even to build one with a retractable roof would cost less than what will be spent on maintenance for this pile of crap in the next ten years. I haven't set foot in that place for many years and never will again, as it seems like it could fall down at any time. I'm sure the unfinished hulk really impressed everyone in 1976 with the construction cranes and rebar sticking out of the half-finished tower. This thing has been a disaster and an albatross around Montreal's neck from day one and it needs to go. It's not a jewel of the city, it's a black eye.
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