Severe flooding in Saint-Clet

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    Courtesy for Rey Mena

      The heavy rain and snowmelt flooded part of the Montérégie community of Saint-Clet on Tuesday.

      The mayor said over 200 homes had been flooded and around 20 had to be evacuated.

      “The water was up to my thighs,” a woman who was evacuated from her home told CJAD.

      “I was up all night emptying buckets of water from my shower,” another man said.

      “The village was like a river, some people had to travel by boat,” Raymond Mercier, a 40 year resident, said.

      Mercier added that he was used to the flooding but this was the worse he had seen. He said the flooding never lasts more than 24 hours.

      Wednesday morning the situation was better. Water on the roads diminished from 4 feet to one foot, allowing Transport Quebec officials to reopen most on them.

      Many were able to return to their homes and firefighters work to pump the water out of their basements.

      The mayor said the flooding is a once in a decade phenomenon.

      Wednesday the city website was still advising residents to not use their toilets, showers or taps, nor drink the water.

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