Crime in the metro down but not at all stations

Statistics released Monday show crime in the metro is down 20 percent, compared to last year, but the head of the STM workers union says he doesn’t believe the numbers.

“It’s not our impression that crime has gone down, it’s a regular occurrence that someone will tell an employee about a violent situation. Our preoccupation is that in June they want to close 10 booths, if there are less ticket takers in booths than the crime will go up,” Renato Carlone said.

Forty percent of police interventions happened on the Green line compared to 25 percent on the Orange line.

Berri-UQAM and Lionel- Grouxl were considered the most dangerous metro stations, 27 percent of crimes happen there.

Many metro users at Lionel-Groulx told CJAD they felt safe at the station, except for late at night.

“It’s more the people going out under the influence that make me worried; they can be loud and pushy. It would help to have cops at night. In the mornings, they are always here, but at night I never see them," a woman said.

The most common crimes were electronics theft, intimidation and graffiti.

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