STM union protests planned ticket agent cuts

Photo by Patrick Lejtenyi

Metro employees held an afternoon demo outside the STM's headquarters on de la Gauchetiere street in downtown Montreal Tuesday.

They are protesting cuts this summer to ticket agents, which they say will endanger the public.

The demo was noisy but peaceful, with around 100 union members taking part.

Union spokesman Tom Mouhteros says a lack of agents will increase the likelihood of accidents and crime.

"There's going to be no human presence," he said. "It's irresponsible for the STM to do something like this because these metro stations are not going to be secure at all."

He says agents are well trained to react in emergency situations and that their quick responsse can and have saved lives in the past.

He points to the incident last January at Fabre metro, when a woman was strangled to death when her scarf was caught in an escalator. No agent was on hand there.

Moutheros promises the protests will continue as long as their demands are not met. The cuts are to take effect in June.

Nine stations in total will be affected. They are du College, Plamondon, Place d'Armes and Henri-Bourassa on the organge line; de l'Eglise, Guy-Concordia, Peel, McGill and Place des Arts on the green line.

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  1. George73 posted on 04/15/2014 03:46 PM
    Ordinarily one could be sympathetic to the job losses, but after all of the reports of anti-anglophone sentiment expressed by this sector of workers - emboldened by the PQ government which fostered rather than spoke out against intolerance - I simply don't care.
  2. Paul posted on 04/15/2014 04:42 PM
    Why not just give everyone a small cut in pay, like 1%, and keep everyone employed and every metro station safe?
  3. Mike d posted on 04/15/2014 04:57 PM
    Ya maybe we can keep that nice helpful guy that had the sign up about English only. Or maybe the other helpful lady agent that attacked the other women we all saw on line ( by the way what was her punishment?) Did we all forget this? Ya I bet they go to help.. What a joke. By the way who supplied all the nice rain coats?
  4. Mark7 posted on 04/16/2014 01:52 PM
    My first reaction to reading this article was exactly in line with the other comments. It's wrong, however, to punish all ticket agents because of a handful of pequiste bigots. If STM needs to make cuts, however, why not them? They obviously don't have EVERY citizen's best interests into account…and if anything, I wouldn't feel LESS safe without them.
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