Work on gazebo to honor Mordecai Richler delayed again

'An ongoing embarrassment', son Jacob says

Photo: The Gazette

Family, friends and fans of Mordecai Richler have been waiting for years for an official tribute to the Montreal literary legend — and it looks as though the official tribute will have to wait a little longer.

The city chose a crumbling gazebo on Mount Royal, overlooking Parc Avenue, to name in his honor — but little has been done to restore it since the gazebo project was announced.

Three years ago, on the 10th anniversary of Richler's death, a petition was tabled asking the city to name something in his honor.

Last year, the city finally gave $57,753 to the architectural firm Beaupré Michaud et Associés so it could start planning the gazebo's restoration.

It was supposed to be inaugurated this July but the work won't start before August, and it's expected it will cost an additional $250,000.

Richler's son Jacob says the whole story has become a joke.

“It’s just an ongoing embarrassment, the whole story start to near finish," Jacob Richler told CJAD. "I haven’t heard any good news about this in a long time.”

Many of Richler's fans believe the author of several internationally known books, such as The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz and St. Urbain's Horseman, deserves a street named in his honor in his old Mile End district, but the borough administration in Plateau Mont-Royal remains opposed to that idea.

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  1. plur posted on 04/16/2014 06:43 PM
    keep the gazebo! Tam tams! No stupid statue that cost 250,000$ there's too many of those things.
  2. ssm posted on 04/16/2014 11:16 PM
    Name the Gazebo for Richler to honour him as promised and fix it up properly and quickly, OR leave it as it is as a testimony to the small minded bigotry that Richler would write about so eloquently and brought us the Lionel Groulx Subway station and the shunning by the politicians who now control his old neighbourhood. It really shouldn't take so long or cost very much. It's a Gazebo; that was doing pretty well for years until what appears to be deliberate neglect caused by dedicating it to Richler. Coincidence?
  3. Sam posted on 04/17/2014 12:20 PM
    The Gazebo on the ave Parc slope has been a wonderful Montreal spot for generations. Naming it for internationally respected Montrealer Richler is a stroke of genius. Allowing it to deteriorate in the past couple of years has been a mysterious source of civic shame, even apart from what this neglect says re. how Montreal and Quebec treat the memory of Richler. We can all, from now on, refer to it proudly as THE RICHLER GAZEBO and that can be interpreted as an honour to this great Montrealer or a reminder of how Montreal and Quebec authorities treat SOME of our respected citizens. Particularly interesting, as pointed out, in comparison to Lionel Groulx the Metro station.
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