PQ caucus lukewarm to Pierre Karl Peladeau's call

Few Parti Quebecois MNAs are ready to endorse Piere Karl Peladeau's suggestion that flags should be placed at half-mast today to mark the anniversary of the repatriation of the constitution.

In fact, many said they were not aware of their collegue's initiative.

The tycoon-turned-politician published an open letter in two Quebec newspapers, saying flags should be placed at half-mast every April 17th to mark the "catastrophic day" that allowed multiculturalism and challenges against bill 101 to "sap Quebec culture."

No opinions

With Peladeau reportedly in Europe, many of his fellow caucus members professed to not being aware of his suggestion.

"I haven't seen the story," said Jean-François Lisée.

"I won't comment on things that I haven't had a chance to appreciate," said out-going deputy premier, François Gendron.

PQ MNA Claude Causineau said likewise, though on the idea, he added "I don't see the usefulness of it at the moment."

Out-going minister Stéphane Bergeron said today does mark a sad day. "Is it a reason to put the flag at half-mast? I don't have an opinion on that."

The party's new interim leader Stéphane Bédard was one of the rare caucus members to appear to endorse the idea.

"It reminds Quebecers of something important. There are conditions of a contract that apply to us that we very simply didn't sign. Somtimes we forget and we have to remember."

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  1. Joseph posted on 04/17/2014 03:43 PM
    He should stay in Europe.
  2. George73 posted on 04/17/2014 04:24 PM
    As an Anglophone Federalist I hope that PKP continues with his musings. They just make that hammer ensure those nails will never come out of the PQ coffin.

    He runs a media empire and still doesn't get it?

    Guess it just confirms that money doesnt buy taste or common sense.
  3. JPK posted on 04/17/2014 04:26 PM
    Published in his own papers I assume, I have boycotted all that Quebecor / Videotron are associated with and encourage others to follow suit.
  4. Michael posted on 04/17/2014 06:47 PM
    PKP???? Yaaaaawwwwwnnnnn!!!
  5. jonico posted on 04/17/2014 08:19 PM
    St. Jerome is probably rethinking why they voted for him. Too bad, he probably won't do much for that area - it's all about him. He's his own party. PQ won't even get along with him. Quelle disastre!!!!!
  6. ric posted on 04/18/2014 05:53 AM
    I was elated that we no longer have to see marois. Unfortunately we have to hear this idiot.
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