Tenants file class-action against Montreal's social housing agency


More than 2000 people, who are mostly senior citizens, are accusing Montreal's social housing agency (SHDM) of illegally increasing their rent and they are trying to sue.

The city-backed agency’s job is to provide affordable housing to people in need.

In 2011, 40 tenants had to take the agency to Quebec’s rental board because of inconsistent rent hikes that in some cases reached 200 dollars per month.

The board found the housing office was using an illegal formula to calculate its rent increases and revoked it.

But, not all the tenants in the agency’s 16 apartment buildings benefitted from that adjustment.

“Expenses like taxes were erroneously included, some revenues were not included and there was information not made available to tenants,” Hélène Guay, the lawyer who has deposited a motion to file a class-action lawsuit against the SHDM said.

 “The attitude of the landlord is really not acceptable; they’ve been working like this for years without informing their tenants of the right numbers and without raising the rent appropriately.”

They're asking for $2100 in compensation for each tenant.

The motion was deposited on April 16th. The date to present the class-action lawsuit before a judge is still to be determined.


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