Not enough donations for babies and toddlers

The Great Food Drive for Children: Moisson Montreal says results are alarming

Moisson Montreal is asking for your generosity over the long weekend.  It says it's far from achieving its goal in its annual Great Food Drive for Children.

The organisation needs $200,000 by Monday but as of Thursday it had raised only $50,000.

The monetary donations and non-perishable food items will help 20,000 babies and toddlers that do not have enough to eat.

“We know that we can help other family members with what we have but only 1 percent of what we receive on a yearly basis actually aims at little children so if we don’t reach our objective we’re not going to be able to help as many children,” Carla Markus, communications director for Moisson Montreal said.

For every 1 dollar donation, Moisson Montreal gives 17.

You can make a monetary donation here.

You can also visit one of the participating Uniprix stores to drop-off non-perishable food items, baby food and diapers.

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  1. Olive posted on 04/19/2014 02:07 PM
    With the price of gas at the pumps & the high cost of groceries people have no extra money to spare for donations. We have been bled dry & can barely feed our own families!
    1. Murray posted on 04/22/2014 05:48 PM
      @Olive People always seem to have enough $$ to buy wine/beer/booze and to purchase Loto tix. The Quebecois suck royally at contributing to charity and voluntarism. If the constituency of the Ste Justine were as charitable as the Montreal Childrens the FHSJ would raise over 5 times as much as the MCHF but it raises less than 10% more.
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