Fox executive fired after using company email to plan aid for kin of missing Malaysian jet's passengers

Fox has fired a veteran executive who used her company email account to plan aid for loved ones of the missing Malaysian airplane's passengers.

Darlene Tipton says she emailed a woman whose boyfriend was aboard the plane to propose a fundraising effort. Tipton's idea was to bring swift financial help to families and other loved ones, sparing them lengthy court fights.

Fox spokesman Scott Grogin said Saturday that Tipton's "conduct and communications'' violated company policy. He confirms Tipton has left the company.

Tipton says she hopes to continue her drive, soliciting contributions through a fundraising website.

Tipton was a longtime Fox employee who most recently was vice-president of standards and practices for the Fox Cable Networks Group.

The April 9 firing was initially reported by Christine Negroni in her Flying Lessons blog.

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  1. Max posted on 04/20/2014 01:14 PM
    Exceptionally bad PR move on the part of Fox, who's mega-multi-billionaire
    stands behind the scenes.
    Instead they should have rallied and stood behind the initiative, and
    expanded it, using their reach to promote the cause.
    They now have effectively re-enforced their image, as mean spirited,
    myopic money grubbers. Destined for the scrap Heep, of human folly.
    Apart from all that, I think they handled it quite well.
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