Both a sad and happy day for PQ as MNAs take oaths of office

New PQ caucus prepares for official photo
Angelica Montgomery/CJAD

Even with the glamour of Julie Snyder sitting among the guests, and the excitement of having a multi-millionaire swear-in as an MNA, there was a tinge of disappointment among the Parti Quebecois' politicians.

The whittled-down team of 27 - three were absent and will swear in at a later date - took their oaths in what is often a celebratory ceremony before family and friends.

"I'm also a little bit sad, thinking about all of these colleagues that we've lost along the way and the fact that we're going to be the opposition now and not the government, so it's kind of a mixed feeling," said Bernard Drainville moments before he took his oath, on his last day before officially losing his position as minister. The Liberal cabinet will be sworn in tomorrow.

The Canadian flag had been temporarily removed from the upper chamber for the ceremony, since this is an event for the political party (with the Liberal majority, the flag will stay put during the regular work of the National Assembly.)

But, the PQ members still made mostly unenthusiastic pledges to serve the Queen, and then made a second pledge, spoken louder and with greater conviction, to serve the people of Quebec and obey its laws.

The party only managed to elect three new faces. Among them, Pierre Karl Peladeau drew a roar of applause and a standing ovation from friendly spectators.

The party's interim leader, Stéphane Bédard, told his trimmed-down team to be proud of belonging to the great party that is the Parti Quebecois, and savour the moment of being elected.

He says the PQ can also be proud of what it achieved in government. "We can say it between ourselves now: This 18-month old government was not beaten because of its record," he said.

Instead, his party's defeat was based on "one word," Bédard later explained to reporters. Only after being pressed did he reveal what that word was - "referendum."

Elaine Zakaïb, Jean-François Lisée, and Lorraine Richard will swear in some time later. Also absent was Pauline Marois. Bédard said she would have liked to come, but is elsewhere. "She has good reasons that she explained to me."

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  1. Paul posted on 04/22/2014 04:01 PM
    The PQ don't know how to govern properly.
  2. Barcham posted on 04/22/2014 04:30 PM
    Has PKP been forced to sell off his shares in Quebecor/Sun Media yet? If not, why not? I certainly hope this will not be allowed to just slide under the carpet. It should be one of the first things dealt with by the new government and PKP should not be permitted to sit in parliament until his shares have been sold.
  3. Mike posted on 04/22/2014 04:39 PM
    "Glamour of Julie Snyder". Who the heck is Julie Snyder ?
  4. clint posted on 04/22/2014 05:10 PM
    "This 18-month old government was not beaten because of its record" that right
    "Also absent was Pauline Marois"
    I'm guessing she doesn't want to play anymore and took her ball and went home.
  5. pstallone posted on 04/22/2014 06:21 PM
    Pauline Marois was absent because she was on a flight bound for Miami, She was witnessed sitting in First Class on an American Airlines flight on Monday Morning going to Miami. When asked if she would like anything to drink by the English speaking AA flight attendant, she replied.."NON MERCI" wow...vacationing in Hollywood Florida maybe??? Or in another property she may own in sunny English speaking Florida!
  6. rob posted on 04/22/2014 07:04 PM
    Yes, the PQ lost because of one word, "Stupidity".
  7. joeN posted on 04/22/2014 07:36 PM
    I feel the same way but happy that the PQ government and it's counterproductive proposed laws for the charter of intolerance, bill 14 language law tightening, and delusional objectives for seperation came to an end. Sad that the rest of the PQ was not turfed out or reduced to a 3rd party status.
  8. Richard posted on 04/22/2014 08:24 PM
    The Canadian flag had been temporarily removed from the upper chamber for the ceremony

    Petty until the very end
  9. John Hancock posted on 04/23/2014 02:28 AM
    WHY was the Canadian flag removed for the ceremony!!?? I don't understand!!
  10. ric posted on 04/23/2014 07:02 PM
    The only sad thing is that 27 idiots still got in. HOW SAD!!!!!
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