Gas prices at a record high in Montreal

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The price of gas in Montreal has taken a big jump.

Gas prices at some stations in town have jumped as much as 12 cents a litre to reach 153.4. According to the gas price monitoring site Essence Montréal, that ties a record high, set on Sept. 11, 2012.

Chris Diraddo with Essence Montréal says a number of factors are leading to gas prices being as high as they are.

"We know that the Canadian dollar has been falling lately; that reduces the buying power of a barrel of oil," Diraddo says. "Also, we've had the price of oil going up. Usually, prices go up in the spring, just in time for the summer buying season.

Diraddo also suggests factors like the ongoing turmoil in Ukraine and the possibility of another busy Atlantic hurricane season affecting refining operations in the Gulf of Mexico could help push prices at the pumps even higher in the coming weeks and months.

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  1. Skipper posted on 04/22/2014 04:04 PM
    Ya, right how many hurricanes did we have last year, and it was suppose to be a busy hurricane season too, none!!. not one!!! They don't need a reason to raise prices they just do because they can, and we are depended on it, and that's tough luck to us.
  2. joeN posted on 04/22/2014 04:07 PM
    yeah sure! Don't forget to add the full moon cycle having an effect on the rise of gasoline prices. At the root of these price increases is simple greed, oil companies and the local station operators who simply get away with it. And to think we had students protesting the increase in tuition during summer of 2012 yet the masses behave like lambs when taken for a ride by increasing taxes and profit opportunism on rising gas prices.
  3. Danny D posted on 04/22/2014 04:37 PM
    This is getting crazy, another hit to the middle class and politicians don't seem to care.
  4. Drew posted on 04/22/2014 05:02 PM
    All I can say is why and I want an answer why
  5. Michael posted on 04/22/2014 05:07 PM
    What the hell does the turmoil in Ukraine have to do with our gas prices? I call BS on that.
    Where is the Charbonneau Commission when you need them?
  6. Adam posted on 04/22/2014 05:36 PM
    With gas prices like no wonder people skip retirement, they can't afford it because they can't save because they are paying so much for gasoline!
  7. stew posted on 04/22/2014 10:04 PM
    How 'bout out right greed. Anyone who believes this BS that they try to shove down our throats constantly is a moron. The barrel was higher years ago the the pump prices were lower. Also they have shifted the price hikes to Tuesdays last week. It was Thursdays for a while. The minute Joe Public catches on they shift the day. This game has been on going for years. Wake the hell up. There is collusion going on which is illegal. When is our government going to get out of bed with these hoodlums? Where is our consumer protection agency?
  8. LMAO posted on 04/23/2014 06:28 AM
    It's very simple but Quebecor's are too lazy to make the effort to change things. You just don't buy from the two largest for 1 year regardless of their prices and you will see the prices fall real quick. There are ample gas stations around town so buy from anyone but the big guy's. Change requires effort.
    1. GT posted on 04/23/2014 08:16 AM
      @LMAO Agree but you need leadership to get the masses to follow. We need someone who will champion the fight against the oil companies and the governments. By isolating and boycotting 1 major supplier and getting majority to avoid filling up regardless of the price will definately cause the others to reconsider.
  9. Gord posted on 04/23/2014 07:00 AM
    We are always quick to blame the oil companies, and they do have their part in this, but imagine if we took the 3 and 4 layers of tax off the price. GST, PST, Transit Tax, City of Mtl tax etc etc. That would lower the price substantially, almost cutting the price of litre in half at it's current price.

    This is why the politicians do nothing.....they have as much blame as the oil companies for this price.
    1. GT posted on 04/23/2014 08:12 AM
      @Gord Just like the provincial government increased it's PST when GST came down, the oil companies would love it if the different layers of government taxes were either lowered or removed, they would take that opportunity to capture more profits by increasing the pump price by same amount. The solution is simple reduce your use and as consumption goes down so does the profits and tax revenues. Anyone recall the roll back in taxes on tobacco because it was encouraging illegal cigarette sales through the natives?
    2. LMAO posted on 04/23/2014 09:25 AM
      @Gord Yes Gord but the point you miss is the Oil companies artificially create these prices, the taxes are just added to the final price to add insult to injury.
  10. sam posted on 04/23/2014 10:06 AM
    Turmoil in Ukraine and Atlantic hurricanes seem to cost Montrealers significantly more than people elsewhere in Canada and elsewhere in Quebec. How can this be explained? Why are Quebec City and towns in the Laurentians , for example, paying 10 cents a litre less than Montrealers? Why must Montreal be so distinct in such a peculiar and negative way? Something is fishy and for YEARS the Quebec government has been saying it would be dealt with .... but NO improvement or clarity.
  11. Ted posted on 04/23/2014 02:29 PM
    This week the oil Futures Decline Ahead of U.S. Inventory Data an it is at $102/barrel.
    Last time when the gas was at $1.50 /liter the oil was at $150/barrel.
    What gives?
  12. WILLinMTL posted on 04/25/2014 09:59 AM
    Oil seems to completely defy the four basic laws of supply and demand. The oil companies can say anything as an excuse, and the price still goes up. Forget about the government helping us, they only benefit with increased tax revenues. If they really wanted to help the average Joe, they would make a law that a certain amount of Canadian oil remain in Canada at a fair price, regardless of world events.
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