UPDATED: Toxic soil from Lasalle Blvd. dumped on Verdun waterfront

An estimated 1500 tons of soil contaminated with creosote was dumped on the Verdun waterfront last fall, in the linear park across from the Douglas Hospital.

The mayor says he only found out about it recently and residents were not informed.

“I don’t feel good about this, if there’s something wrong with the soil don’t put it there, I wasn’t aware, I’m going to call the city and tell them to do something about it,” a man walking his dog in the park told CJAD.

“We walk here every morning, this is not something we want, but I didn’t know about it," a jogger said.

“This is awful, they’re not thinking about our kids, ourr animals," another park visitor added.

The soil was excavated from a LaSalle Boulevard reconstruction site last fall. 

Crews were permitted to dump he soil in the park for the winter in order to avoid delaying the road project. 

Verdun councillor Pierre L’Heureux says the decision was made by city workers.  He says the mayor only found out two weeks ago during a meeting with city engineers.

“We can call this a breakdown in communication between city workers and the political staff.  The city workers took for granted that we knew but we didn’t know,” l’Heureux told CJAD.

He added that a security fence would be placed around the toxic soil within days and that it will be removed within three weeks.

Ironically, the site chosen is a former snow dump that was shut down by the Environment Ministry because of worries about contaminated water seeping into the river.

A tarp was placed on the creosote-tainted soil to prevent run-off, but the plastic deteriorated during the winter.

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  1. patkeane60@yahoo.ca posted on 04/22/2014 10:47 AM
    snow in Magog dumped within a few meters of the river.tons & tons of it. does not melt till mid July. it runs off into the river for sure.
  2. johanne posted on 04/22/2014 02:25 PM
    Too bad my dog and I have been walking through it! how toxic is it?
    What a mess! They dumped it all over the waterfront and destroyed all the plants and grasses as well. There's pieces of plastic everywhere from the covering they put on it.
    1. Verdunite posted on 04/23/2014 01:35 AM
      @johanne google creasote EPA. does not sound good...sorry...
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