Habs fans get out the brooms to celebrate opening round sweep in the streets

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    Courtesy for Rey Mena

      Plenty of brooms were out in front of the Bell Centre last night as Montreal Canadiens fans celebrated the Habs sweeping Tampa Bay in the first four games of the NHL playoffs opening round series.

      "Honestly, they dominated all game. The shots on goal through the first and second periods was like, 33 to 12, so it just goes to show you we were the dominant force," said Cole Anderson following the game. "A couple of minds slips [occured in the third period], but we made it up."

      Police in riot gear were out in full force to disperse the crowd further and further away from the Bell Centre and ensure there was no rioting.

      The last time there was rioting following a first round victory was in 2008 when Montreal defeated Boston in game 7. Multiple police cruisers were set ablaze and storefront windows along Ste. Catherine St. were shattered.

      While the crowds celebrating on downtown street corners were exuberant and routinely spilled out into the streets, the festivities remained peaceful.

      With the opening round behind them, Habs fans are already setting their sights to round two - and the vast majority that spoke to CJAD News have a particular old rival in mind as the Canadiens' opponent for the upcoming semi-final round.

      "We want the [Boston] Bruins!" exclaimed Tyson Simon.

      "I want to beat Boston," exchoed Anderson. "We don't want an easy buy with Detroit, because we can take Detroit, but I want to show people we can beat Boston."

      Derek Lengwuenus agreed.

      "If you're destined to win you're going win, doesn’t matter who you play," he said.

      "Let's do it in style, let's play the Bruins."


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      1. lisa romanese posted on 04/23/2014 05:32 AM
        it would be great if the city could organize fan jam parties outside the bell centre AFTER the games to keep fans and /or hooligans from wandering the streets looking for trouble..keep 'em busy & go habs goooooo!!!
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