Notre-Dame-de-l'Île-Perrot residents, developer want answers about landslide risk

Property owners at a luxury residential development in Notre-Dame-de-l'Île-Perrot, off the western tip of the island, say they're frustrated and upset to the point of seeking legal counsel over concerns about potential landslides along their new property.

The nightmare for buyers and the developer at Les Palissades de l'Anse au Sable began in 2013 when the city put a halt on work and commissioned a government report into the potential for landslides in the area following some tree cutting. That report conducted by the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Transport released in January now says there is a potential risk, contradicting reports developer Gilbert Rashi got when the project was greenlighted. Rashi said he and some homeowners had reports and soil tests done by engineering firm Inspec-Sol.

"How can there be such differences, we're baffled, the city is baffled, everybody is baffled, people with reports that say everything is ok, they're baffled too," Rashi told CJAD 800 News.

"My project is obviously in a situation where it's in limbo."

Eduardo Steindl paid for a lot, can't build on it and still pays taxes on it plus the money he spent on a nearby house he thought was temporary.  He said the city told him it's possibly looking to build a retaining wall, most of it paid by the government, though he fears they'll also be on the hook for it. But there's no telling when or if that may happen.

"It is very upsetting and frustrating, we don't know what to do," Steindl told CJAD 800 News.

"My comfort is being disrupted, the worries that I have in my head, what are we going to do, we spent so much money already, we're out of pocket, it's very stressful."

Other residents such as Horst Khalil say they're not getting any answers from the city.

"Basically they should retract the statement or they should do something because how can I resell my house now?" Khalil said.

A recent meeting with residents was cancelled at the last minute and the city won't comment until it's rescheduled. Officials with Inspec-Sol could not be reached for comment. The transport ministry says it's the responsibility of the public security ministry which says it believes is being handled by the municipal affairs ministry.

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  1. George posted on 04/23/2014 01:56 PM
    There are thousands of homeless people in Quebec, an aboriginal population in crisis and the gap between rich and poor growing daily. Why should we tax payers have to pay for the stupid decision of the well off?
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