Public meeting on future of Royal Victoria Hospital site

If you have any thoughts on how to utilize the Royal Victoria Hospital site, you may be interested in a meeting Thursday night.

It's an effort to find some kind of consensus before hospital services are transferred to the new MUHC superhospital in a few years.

Speakers at the meeting, which include city councillors and McGill University’s Vice-Principal, will present their visions for the historical property.

There has been talk about turning it into luxury condos but many are against that. 

McGill University is also a potential buyer.

The consensus among Les Amis de La Montagne, who’s putting on the meeting, and Heritage Montreal, is that the grounds should remain public.

“McGill is probably more of the kind of institution that provides a solution to the public good, versus condos, in our view though, the grounds should remain public, the site itself, the land, so that people could walk through it freely,” Dinu Bumbaru with Heritage Montreal said.

Les Amis de La Montagne spokesperson Gabrielle Korn, said the move has been planned for 15 years but not much has been done to plan the property's future.

“There needs to be a greater sense of urgency and a greater sense of leadership from the government.  It’s urgent now to take action and to find some solutions for these buildings,” she said.  Adding that it will take enormous amounts of money to bring the buildings to standards.

The Parti Québécois had set up a committee to create a study on how the site could be used but it hasn't been made public yet.

The meeting is free and open to the public, it will be held between 6-7:30 PM Thursday night at the Smith House on Mount-Royal.

The future of Hotel-Dieu Hospital on St-Urbain will also be discussed.

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  1. Anime Guy posted on 04/25/2014 12:26 AM
    It is all fine and dandy to say you can sell the property, but doesn't the families that originally donated the land have conditions in place concerning the use of the RVH property, to be used as medical facilities.
    In the past, MUHC big wigs have made their own policies concerning land development - case in point at the Montreal General site, where they tried, and if I'm not mistaken are still trying, to get a bankrupt condo development re-zoned to meet their needs regardless of the zoning laws. AND how they built a road access to the new site without consulting with the city of Westmount, which now can not be used during the whole construction process.
    I think something is real fishy with anything that involves the MUHC and their future endeavors. I really wish the Charbonneau Commission would look into the going-ons with all these constructions of super-hospitals and the properties left behind before it costs the tax-paying public more than an arm and a leg!

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