Modifications were done to accomodate the new metro cars

A 200-metre stretch of tunnel needed to be widened slightly

The STM is confirming there was modification work done on the metro system to accomodate the new Bombardier-Alstom metro cars that will be entering service in the next few years, but they say there won't be any new delays because of it.

A report in the Journal de Montréal this morning suggested the new vehicles were larger and heavier than the cars they would be replacing, requiring significant modifications.

STM chairman Carl Desrosiers says work has already been carried out to shave down a part of the metro tunnel — but the affected area only accounted for a small part of the network.

"We measured the tunnel with laser beams, the entire 71 kilometre [network], and we only found 200 metres — 0.3 per cent of the tunnels — where we had to remove a little bit of concrete in order to be totally safe," Desrosiers says.

There had been a concern that the new cars could tilt over and hit the tunnel walls if there's a flat or a suspension problem.

The new cars, dubbed Azur by the transit corporation, weigh in at 240 tons each, 13 tons more than the old MR-63 cars they will replace — which has forced the STM to reinforce the tracks as well.

The STM suggests they were aware of the modifications that needed to be done, and suggest they're still on track to have the whole fleet in operation by September 2018, as planned.

The first of the cars will be delivered this coming Monday, to begin months of testing before the enter service. The new cars are expected to begin transporting passesngers by the end of 2014 — at the earliest.

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  1. clint posted on 04/25/2014 10:46 AM
    "Alstom eliminates 150 jobs in Montreal"
    Did they know "it" was about to hit the fan ?
  2. Paul posted on 04/25/2014 11:06 AM
    This contract was given during the height of the Charest corruption years, when our political masters were more concerned with winning a by-election in La Pocatiere than anything else. As a result we also over-paid by $500 million.
  3. Drew posted on 04/25/2014 01:49 PM
    When I buy a pair of shoes and they do not fit like if they are to small I do not cut the front of the shoes off a to wear them or to big i do not stick paper in the back to make them fit I give them back and get a pair that fits.
    If it is Bombardier-Alston fault give them back if it is the STM fault heads should roll but we who give a care it is only the tax payer money not theirs
  4. Adam posted on 04/25/2014 06:10 PM
    How about we CANCEL this deal.

    Let's review the following:
    -It's over budget
    -it's not on time
    -It doesn't fit our physical needs
    -it will cost us more because these new cars need more power

    Where is the cost savings these new cars are promising us? I say because of all these negative things associated with them, tell Bombardier to take the lose, start over, and this time do it right! And if it means buying steal wheel cars from China that work, are on time, on budget, and fit, then so be it!
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