Airport workers prepare for strike

Blue collar workers at Montreal's two international airports may be walking off the job.

The union representing them says the main issue is travel time to and from worker rest areas.

The union says the airports management wants to include travel time in the workers' 15 minute morning and afternoon breaks.

It calls the demand "indecent" and goes contrary to industry standards.

Union spokesman Denis Vigneault says he can't understand how an airport as busy and profitable as Trudeau has to nickel-and-dime its blue collar workers over something so basic.

He adds that travel time is usually not considered part of mandated breaks across the industry.

According to Vigneault it can take over half an hour for some workers to make their way to their rest areas.

However, Aeroports de Montreal chairman James Cherry says he thinks a better solution is to build shelters closer to where workers are.

"No one is trying to take their 15 minutes away," he says. "I have no problem with investing in putting spaces for them to have breaks closer to where they are working."

The union says it likes the idea of more break spaces - which must be hygienic and include running water and electricity - but the question of travel time remains non-negotiable.

The strike may begin in just a few weeks. It would mostly affect Mirabel's cargo traffic. Passenger flights from Trudeau would continue but there may be some disruptions.

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