Couillard considering partial privatization of Hydro and SAQ

Premier Philippe Couillard

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard isn't ruling out the partial privatization of Hydro-Quebec and the province's liquor board as an answer to the province's budgetary woes.

Couillard told a news conference today he wants to examine all options, including the privatization suggestion made by two financial experts last week.

But the premier added that any move to privatize would not occur in the next fiscal year and that he will use more traditional measures in the upcoming provincial budget in June to improve public finances.

Economists Luc Godbout and Claude Montmarquette painted a grim portrait of Quebec's financial situation and suggested drastic measures are needed to salvage the province's economy.

The partial privatization of about 10 per cent of both Hydro-Quebec and the liquor board, known as the SAQ, were just some of the changes proposed by the pair.

The money would be used to pay down the province's staggering debt.

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  1. ric posted on 04/29/2014 09:59 PM
    SAQ yes, Hydro no.
  2. LMAO posted on 04/30/2014 08:05 AM
    If any of Hydro Quebec is sold off expect Hydro rates to soar.
  3. jonico posted on 04/30/2014 01:12 PM
    Yes to SAQ
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