Jeremy Searle allegedly drunk at morning council meeting

Photo courtesy CTV

NDG councillor Jeremy Searle has told CTV News that he does have a drinking problem and that he is taking measures to address his problem, adding it doesn't affect his work at City Hall.

Searle appeared drunk at city council this morning, according to several reporters and fellow councillors.

This just a day after he had a heated exchange with Mayor Denis Coderre.

He was escorted out of the council meeting for a meeting with city council speaker Frantz Benjamin.

When a reporter asked Searle after his meeting point blank if he was drunk, he shot back saying, "No. Are you?"

But when pressed, in English and French, Searle denied he'd been drinking or had a problem with alcohol.

Later, Benjamin said he and Searle discussed his recent behaviour without going into specifics.

"We had a frank discussion," Benjamin said. "That discussion centered around what he said yesterday and what I hope from him as a city councillor from NDG."

One councillor described Searle as "incoherent" and reeking of alcohol.

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  1. joeN posted on 04/29/2014 05:29 PM
    What a classless act this guy turned out to be, voters must be proud.
  2. Steve posted on 04/30/2014 07:48 AM
    Politicians have been known to say and do stupid things when in "a drunken stupor".
  3. Alex posted on 04/30/2014 09:45 AM
    It’s my understanding that the conversation between Sterling and Stiviano took place in California, where by law, a person engaged in a private conversation cannot record it without the other person’s or persons’ permission. In other words, Sterling had the expectation of privacy. Shouldn’t a person be able to express his/her views and thoughts in private without fear of losing their job and being banned? The ban and the fine levied on Sterling smack of fascism. Don’t we have a right to express our thoughts and feelings in private, as odious as they may be? Should Drainville and other members of the PQ who make anti-English or anti-Muslim comments in private (to say nothing of such comments made in public) lose their jobs and be banned from politics for life? I hear, in private, unsavoury comments about certain ethnic and racial groups from the lips of physicians, engineers and other professionals. If their comments were recorded and made public, should they lose their jobs and be banned from their respective professions? I think not. Silver’s actions sound like those of the thought police. Any you think the language cops are bad!
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