Mario Beaulieu to join leadership race of Bloc Québecois

Mario Beaulieu, spokesman for the Societe St. Jean Baptiste and the Mouvement Quebec Francais speaks at a rally supporting Bill 14.
CTV News

The president of a pro-independence nationalist group in Quebec says he is joining the race to become leader of the Bloc Quebecois.

Mario Beaulieu, head of the St Jean-Baptiste Society, says he's running because the only other candidate to declare so far isn't serious enough about sovereignty.

Beaulieu says Bloc MP Andre Bellevance wants the party to be just an "advocate" for Quebec in Ottawa when it should strive for independence.

The B-Q was reduced to just four seats in the House of Commons in the 2011 election from the 49 seats it held after the 2008 vote.

Beaulieve says by focusing on independence, the party can increase the number of MPs after the 2015 election.

The Bloc Quebecois will select a new leader in late May in Rimouski to replace Daniel Paille, who stepped down last December due to health reasons.

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  1. More BS posted on 04/29/2014 06:56 AM
    Block head wants to be head of the Bloc.
  2. markR posted on 04/29/2014 09:45 AM
    Might be the final nail in the BQ coffin that is needed if the leader of a racist group gets to spew more linguistic garbage that it will turn off the remaining PQ and BQ supporters.
  3. jonico posted on 04/29/2014 09:48 AM
    Hope he gets in as leader. That'll finish that loser party for good. Should be entertaining to hear what comes out of that bigot's mouth. Another one bites the dust!!!
  4. Joe posted on 04/29/2014 12:28 PM
    Funny they hate Ottawa but will go to work there for the CANADIAN dollar, even though they are representing no one. My sentence does not make sense, I just wrote it to parallel the Block Head Quebecois which has also no sense to exist. The only place they exist is in PKP newspapers which will give any of his clan attention.
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