Mario Beaulieu wants to be leader of the Bloc Québécois

New SSJB head Maxime Laporte (left) with Mario Beaulieu.
Tina Tenneriello/CJAD

The former president of the prominent nationalist group the Société Saint-Jean Baptiste is running to be leader of the Bloc Québécois.

Mario Beaulieu says he felt the sting of the last election results and it encouraged him to run for leader of the Bloc Quebecois because he says it’s a wakeup call that sovereignist parties need to talk about sovereignty.

“I think it shows that the silence of sovereignist parties in Quebec is not a good strategy,” he said.

He says he’s also running because he feels his only other opponent, Bloc MP Andre Bellevance, does not strive for independence.

Beaulieu plans on touring Quebec to rally more youth to join the sovereignist movement.

Maxime Laforce, a young lawyer, has also been named as his successor.

“The young leaders and nationalists need to take their place in that movement and I think it’s kind of a symbol that I’m taking those responsibilities here,” Laporte said.

Beaulieu needs 1000 signatures and 15 000 dollars to officially run.

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  1. clint posted on 04/30/2014 03:46 PM
    You Go! Mario.....but the train has already left the station.
  2. Kent Tyson posted on 04/30/2014 04:46 PM
    Just like the old watch commercials. "Takes a licking and keeps on ticking". Now this dinosaur wants to take over this loser party. Good! Waste your time and life just like you wasted ours. Take a hint...take a peek...sovereignty is not wanted! It was just a fad. People, especially the younger ones are way too smart to fall for that crap anymore. Don't you ever learn?????
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