Montreal mother upset son not allowed to ride bus with service dog

Charles Labreche uses a Mira service dog to get around.

A Montreal mother says she's had enough.

Cathy Labreche says her son, who uses a service dog, has been repeatedly kicked off or denied access to city buses.

Labreche says the bus drivers say Charles can't come on with the dog because he isn't blind but she says they need to realize that Mira dogs aren't only used for people who are visually impaired.

"Mira has service dogs for children who are autistic, children and adults who are autistic, for people that have diabetes, epilepsy and just recently they've started using them for soldiers with PTS." she tells CJAD's Aaron Rand show.

Labreche says she's complained to the STM who have assured her, her 14 year old son is allowed to use public transit.

She says that message needs to be relayed to the drivers.

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  1. Claude posted on 04/30/2014 10:43 PM
    the mother should tell her son not to listen to the driver and keep moving in the bus, let the driver call the police or a supervisor. Then once he is identified, su the hell out of him make him loose his job, send him on the street.
  2. joeN posted on 05/01/2014 08:24 AM
    The STM lacks major sensitity training. Keep this type of abuse in the media spot light as long as you can to shame the STM and it's unionized employees in realizing they don't make the rules as they see fit. If the dog has clear identification that it's a service dog regardless whether you are blind or not there should be no second guessing on the driver's part.
  3. Gary H. posted on 06/27/2014 08:04 AM
    These are very specialized animals and the bus drivers should not second guess what they are being used for ... they are being used to promote autonomy and allow the user more freedom and dignity as a human being to be able to get around. Besides the clients that use these animals go through an extensive screening process, so I am pretty sure that if they association that issues these beautiful creatures did not feel that the client required one they would not have given the client the dog in the first place! I am not blaming the whole STM for a few drivers who maybe insensitive, but then again that should be in the bus driver's mandate to have a course offered so they should not run into problems like this !!!!!
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