PQ silent on Charter of Values legal opinions

Marois and Drainville unveil the Charter of Values

The Parti Quebecois has still not stepped forward to deny or correct a letter the Liberals released yesterday on the legal status of the Charter of Values.

The statement the Liberals sent out, which is said to be from the Justice ministry, says the Marois government never asked government lawyers for advice on whether or not bill 60 was legal or constitutional.

"I would like to inform you that the ministry of Justice was never asked to produce a legal opinion on the constitutionality or legality on the whole of the bill, to evaluate the risks of being challenged in courts," writes the deputy minister in a letter addressed to the new minister of Justice Stéphanie Vallée.

"Normally, a bill of this nature would be subject to a request to produce such a written opinion," says the civil servant.

Marois and her minister, Bernard Drainville, had said repeatedly for months that they were confident their plan to ban religious symbols from the public service would be accelerated by the courts.

Nearly a day after the Liberals released the letter, the Parti Quebecois has still not produced any official denial, clarification or correction to it.

"It's brand new to me," says Pascal Bérubé, who, despite having been a minister under Marois, says he knows nothing about why government lawyers would not have been consulted, or whether or not they were.

He says he's moved on to other issues. "We're not in the government anymore, so it seems to be a matter for you but not for me," he told CJAD.

Quebec Solidaire's Françoise David, for her part, brought forward her own explanation.

"If its true, that means the Péquiste government lied."

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  1. George73 posted on 05/01/2014 04:50 PM
    Guess the PQ since they never contemplated being defeated beleived they could lie to citizens of Quebec and would nevre be caught out.

    Well at least, Marois got payback. She may have been the first female premier of Quebec, but one would hope that other women would not see her as a role model. It's disgusting that Drainville still gets to be paid by taxpayers even after he has been exposed for being economical with the truth when it comes to legal opinions on the Charter. In business, any leader or director of a company would be fired for such propogation of falsehoods to their own benefit. Funny how politicians are held to a lesser standard.
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