Habs fans voice concern with team's play in victory over Boston

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    Courtesy for Rey Mena

      At least 1,000 Montreal Canadiens fans descended on Metropolis last night for the screening of the first game of the second round match up between the Habs and Boston Bruins.

      Fans waded through the game's ups and downs including two overtime periods, the evening culminating in celebrations on the street outside the venue following Montreal's victory.

       Yet even in the midst of celebrating, Habs fans that spoke to CJAD News were largely concerned with the team's play in last night's game, particularly the Habs being outshot 51-33—a total that would have been much higher had Montreal not blocked 30 shots during the game.

      "We're going to need a lot more shots if we plan on beating Boston another time in the series," said Ian Boudeau. "I mean, if it continues like that, we're not going far."

      "I don't know; these down to the wire games [and going to OT] in game 1, I dont know how much more I can handle of that, but it was exciting for sure," echoed Cameron Ramsey.

      For former Habs winger Stéphane Richer, who was at Metropolis signing autographs for fans before the game, the Canadiens have to deliver in order to win.

      "I know it's a cliche, but if you want to win a [Stanley Cup] you have to be the best, right?" he said.

      Montreal is facing Boston in the teams' 34th playoff match up, the most out of all NHL teams.

      For many Habs fans, the rivalry between the two franchises is also deeply entrenched.

      "There's a lot of ill will towards Boston, I would say," said Habs fan Peter Deshais. "It's all about beating them, that's about it."

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