Encouraging news for babies treated for HIV infection right after birth

Canadian researchers say four children treated right after birth for H-I-V infection show no detectable virus years later but it's too soon to say they're cured.

That's because the virus rebounded in a fifth child who came off H-I-V medications.

The researchers presented their findings Saturday in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador at a conference hosted by the Canadian Association for H-I-V Research.

Dr. Ari Bitnun says it's an exciting step but a long way from a cure.

Still, he says the results support the so-called Mississippi Baby case where U-S doctors say they functionally cured an infant with H-I-V.

Four of the children tracked by the Canadian researchers show no virus, but they're still taking preventive drugs.

The fifth child was removed from medication at age three in part because of difficulty taking regular doses.

Bitnun says that child showed small levels of H-I-V even while on treatment and the virus rebounded.


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