Mayor Coderre could remove airport's sound curfew

Mayor Denis Coderre is considering lifting a Trudeau Airport sound curfew, as residents continue to accuse the airport of not respecting it.

Mayor Coderre says he wants more direct flights to Asia and that means more flights at night.

“Am I focusing on having more direct flights? You bet I am! Am I going to make sure that the well being of Montrealers will be respected, that too,” he said.

“We don’t need planes during the night,” Antoine Bécotte, who started the group Les Pollués de Montréal Trudeau, which represents Ahuntsic-Cartierville residents, said.

The group attended the airport's annual meeting Thursday to get answers from officials. They want traffic routes reviewed and the 11 PM to 7 AM curfew respected.

Former federal MP Marlene Jennings, who speaks for the group, says she hopes there will be public consultations.

“We would hope that he would also want to have proper consultations with the public, with the citizens who will be affected,” she told CJAD.

Coderre says details will be studied before any decisions are made.

The airport's CEO James Cherry agrees with Coderre. He says we should have more flights.

“Noise is largely a perceptual issue so people are always going to be dissatisfied, because airplanes make noise, what we try and do is mitigate that as much as possible and reduce it,” he said.

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  1. Andrew posted on 05/04/2014 08:31 AM
    I certainly hope that coderre and the mayor of st Laurent de Sousa respect the curfew, as a resident of st Laurent we are also in titled to our ability to have our quiet in the middle of the night, it's great to want to have more flights into montreal from Asia but not at our expense. I was hoping a new montreal mayor would be a positive, I am not so sure now.
    1. joeN posted on 05/07/2014 09:05 AM
      @Andrew I agree with you. This new mayor has screwed up priorities. If 24/7 flights are to occur, suggest the flight path be redirected over his neighborhood and see what a pleasure it will be to have planes overhead 24hrs a day. Secondly, forget abot the Bixi, let private enterprise run it with no taxpayers money. 3rd enough already with "no tolls" on the new bridge, you use it you pay for it! Hey Coderre, clean up the city before you create more noise on the wrong priorities.
  2. Ray S posted on 05/04/2014 10:12 AM
    Good news as it will help Montreal move into the 21st century business-wise, help with tourism, help with local jobs, and inevitable help with the economy.

    It will also help avoid travellers from having to waste time (and money) connecting in other airports more suited to an 'international' persepctive.

    As for noise, having grown up in Pointe Claire, I know from first-hand experience - in addition to the simple facts - that planes are VERY much quieter today and getting more so.

    For those who complain about noise from the airport and flight paths, unless you are the original owner of the house you bought in the 1930's, you knew about the airport and flight paths.

    You CHOSE to live where you do. And now YOU want everyone to adapt to YOUR wants. Who do you think you are?
    1. George73 posted on 05/05/2014 05:13 PM
      @Ray S Well put. As if they were forced to buy the house. They obviously wanted all the plusses, but refuse to have to endure any of the negatives. Probably the same people who just cannot live without granite counters in their starter home.
    2. GT posted on 05/07/2014 09:49 AM
      @Ray S It's not a question of west islanders & St. laurent residents adapting to the increase in traffic, rather it's a question of why wasn't the plan to move all traffic to Mirabel executed? The population on the island is growing so where there is a slice of land they will build. The residents of montreal were led to believe that Dorval was to be shut down and Mirabel was to adapt to the projected increase in air traffic volume. But most importantly, Montreal collects more tax $ from Dorval than Toronto collects from Pearson. That is why Mirabel failed.
  3. David posted on 05/04/2014 12:35 PM
    What a terrible idea for area residents. The noise, particularly in the summer is already awful. Furthermore, there is a safety issue having planes landing and taking off in heavily populated areas. I cannot believe Coderre would sell us out so easily! Keep Mirabel open and then add as many flights as they want. What is wrong with these Montreal politicians who are so oblivious to the concerns of the people? I had doubts about Coderre to begin with. He's too much of a slick politician, not a man of the people and this proves it.
  4. Joe posted on 05/04/2014 01:08 PM
    Please remember people as we see here once again your Mayor is a friend of big business and not you the people of Montreal. He could care less about us but does care about them. Wonder why?
  5. George73 posted on 05/05/2014 05:11 PM
    Here's the deal as I see it.

    People buy houses in Ville St Laurent for various reasons, but presumably are not being forced to do so. Thus, if one buys a house under a flight path or near the airport, one shoudl expect noise in the same way that anyone who buys a house in Dorval at the end of the runway should expect noise, or someone who buys a house 30 feet from a rail road should expect noise. I imagine that none of these individuals were forced to buy houses in such locations, were fully aware of the infrastructure that surrounded them, and if they were able to qualify for a mortgage should be competent enough to understand that airports and railroads etc produce noise.

    It is a little bit late in the game, once one has purchased one's house in one's chosen locale, to start bleating about all the negatives associated with one's choice and then demand that operations in that area be suspended just because of one's inability to accept responsibility for one's own actions.

    If you don't like your house next to the airport, or railroad, then sell it and move out to the country, but be advised of this. If one buys a house on a well and that well runs dry or becomes contaminated, don't look to your local city for help because you wont get it. So why do people in the city feel that everyone other than themselves should be responsible for decisions they made?
    1. Murray posted on 06/21/2014 01:46 PM
      @George73 What about the people who purchased homes in St Laurent/Dorval when Mirabel was going to serve as Montreal's main airport and Dorval was only going to be for cargo? "OOPS! We built a white elephant!"
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