Trudeau Liberals make gains in two new polls

A couple of new polls out this week suggest Justin Trudeau and his Liberals may have been helped by his debate performance last week.

The Mainstreet/Postmedia poll out Friday shows the race tightening between the Liberals, Conservatives and NDP.

The Tories lead with 31 per cent support across the country, with the NDP following close behind at 30 per cent, and the Liberals are now at 29 per cent.

The Liberals are up three points, the NDP up one, and the Tories down four from a similar poll done last month.

In Quebec, the NDP remain in the lead with 30 per cent support, followed by the Liberals at 28, the Bloc at 21, and the Tories at 18.

Meanwhile, a Forum Research survey released Thursday shows the NDP's double-digit lead from last week has melted away somewhat, with the Liberals making some gains at their expense.

The Liberals have gained two points to 27 per cent, while the NDP have lost five, to sit at 34 per cent.

The Consesrvatives are unchanged at 28 per cent.

In Quebec, the NDP (34 per cent) still have a double-digit lead over the Liberals (22 per cent) and the Bloc (21 percent).

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