Searle won't resign, says Copeman has "no honour"

Photo courtesy CTV

NDG city councillor is rejecting borough mayor Russell Copeman's advice that he step down in order to get his personal life in order.

Copeman sent Searle a letter recently saying that the independent councillor's recent behaviour, including smelling of alcohol last Tuesday morning, falling asleep during a council meeting Tuesday afternoon and giving a bizarre interview to CTV on Wednesday, suggest that he is in need of professional help.

Searle rejected the advice, saying, "Why would I take advice from Russell Copeman, a man without honour?"

He claims Copeman deliberately leaked the letter, which Searle says was meant ot be confidential, to the media.

"That's a bit immoral," he said. "If I send you a letter that says 'personal and confidential,' then it's meant to be personal and confidential. Mr. Copeman doesn't seem to understand that. I'm outraged."

Searle added that he may take time off, but that his constituents will be in touch with his assistant.

He is already receiving medical treatment to deal with his drinking problem.

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  1. "Joe" posted on 05/06/2014 08:48 PM
    This is sad. I have lived in the Loyola district for most of my life. I grew up here in the 60s and 70s, left, returned in the mid 90s. I remember Mr. Searle as a dedicated, hands on councillor who went door to door, so much enthusiasm, so much to contribute. He knew every inch of his ward, he cared, he listened, he informed.
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