UPDATE:Looking for Good Samaritans in Pierrefonds car accident

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    Courtesy for Rey Mena

      A Kirkland couple is looking for a couple of Good Samaritans who tried to help their 18-year-old son who was involved in a serious single car accident in Pierrefonds in the wee hours of last Saturday morning.

      "It's your worst nightmare when you receive that phone call in the middle of the night," said Darlene Phair.

      Phair said they got the call from police that Saturday morning: their son Ryan lost control of his car on St. Charles near Antoine-Faucon, drove into the median and crashed into a pole, the car flipping on its side. The young man was pinned inside for an hour and a half.

      Phair said she was able to track down one witness who told her that he and others were there trying to comfort her son and were ready to smash the window with a baseball bat or flip the car over after spotting flames.

      "It was a very scary situation I think for them as well, they were quite panicked. They didn't have to stay," said Phair in a phone interview with CJAD 800 News.

      "It comforts me so much that complete strangers stayed with my baby when he needed them."

      Police say they don't know how the accident happened. Spokesman Jean-Pierre Brabant said they are ruling out alcohol and drugs and that nothing in their investigation leads them to believe that speeding or being distracted behind the wheel were responsible. Brabant said for now, fatigue is their first hypothesis.

      Phair said her son doesn't remember much of the accident but that he could have fallen asleep behind the wheel.

      Phair said that after six days, her son is almost ready to be transferred from the ICU into a regular room.

      "He's doing much, much better," said Phair.

      "He was able to sit up for just a little bit yesterday"

      Phair wants to find all of the Good Samaritans and thank them.

      "And tell them that they will have friends for the rest of their lives and I may insist Ryan name his first born after a couple of them," said Phair with a laugh.

      "It's kind of restored my faith in humanity."

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