LETTER: Gérard Bouchard says Drainville, much of PQ, not suited for public office

Pauline Marois and Bernard Drainville.

Bouchard is a historian, sociologist and author who teaches at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi His open letter has been translated and reproduced with his permission.

A columnist spoke of cynicism and stupidity to describe the Parti Québécois' recent campaign. These harsh words are not far from the reality. Of all the examples we could mention here, the bill on the charter and the way it was promoted attracts attention. We know the rather sinister part that was played by the Marois-Drainville duo. It has been widely commented on and strongly condemned, with good reason . We must go further. There is a major cleanup to be done within the party. All those who guided it along the path of intolerance, hypocrisy and amateurism must go. As for those who completely poured out the most shameless demagogy, either by multiplying their lies to the public, or by encouraging the practice by their complacent silence, one wonders if they still suited to occupy political office or even a public position. Beyond the harm that was done to the Parti Quebecois , these Duplessis-esque maneuvers have disappointed many honest people. In their eyes, they discredited the entire political class.

Repentance comes too late

Among those responsible for this mess , I would like to single-out those who now seek to excuse themselves by arguing that, deep down , they had always disapproved of the bill . They believe they are exonerating themselves; in fact, they are worsening their case. By adding up the number of reported confessions over the past few days with the various ministers whose convictions were already known, we can identify a large block of dissidents who never bothered to stand up.

It leads to the conclusion that if they had shown enough courage to form a coalition, these ministers would have had the clout to force the government to back down and negotiate an honorable compromise, saving Quebec from a particularly shameful episode.

So, why didn’t they? We are not talking of a disagreement over an asphalt contract or the route of a highway. This ethical issue focuses on a fundamental question: the protection of minority rights . We have seen public figures leave for less than that - think of three PQ MNAs who resigned in June, 2011 because of their disagreement over the Quebec City arena .

Moral integrity

In this case, we are not talking about a lack of competence, but a lack of moral integrity. Among these complacent and apologetic dissidents, we find participants who, because of their training, their past and their well-known convictions, had originally inspired confidence.

I will commit the indiscretion of pointing the finger at the Minister of Justice - the official guardian of the law and moral rectitude - who, through his inertia, had endorsed the dishonorable operation involving the false legal notices on the charter bill. An operation led by the highest level of government, where stupidity (let's call things by their name) competed with dishonesty.

Will they invoke his ministerial obligations? Even so, does this moral rule not have limits somewhere? For example, when it comes to endorsing a great dishonesty and even a violation of the law?

Restore confidence

PQ leaders have good reason to make it a priority to rebuild their party. But they should make its restoration after this breach of trust an even higher priority.

Two members of the party, more than the others, embody its disgrace. First, it’s Marois ; she had the decency to resign. Then, it’s Bernard Drainville ; we’re waiting for him to do as much. For nearly a year , he propagated inflammatory and misleading statements in order to build up the Quebec majority against minorities and immigrants. He led a primary role on the subject of the false legal opinions. As long as this person remains associated with the PQ , a shadow will continue to be cast over it.

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  1. Smith posted on 05/06/2014 02:06 PM
  2. M. Jollain posted on 05/06/2014 06:03 PM
    Non, M. Bouchard, the PQ should NOT rebuild their party of traitors, they should end this Separatist crap, once and for ALL!! In any other country, they would be in Prison by now, they should appreciate what a great country Canada IS!!! And btw, I'm not English, all 4 of my Grandparents were born in Quebec as were the first 9 Generations of my family, since Jean Jollain landed in la Nouvelle France in the late 1600s
  3. Kent Tyson posted on 05/06/2014 10:44 PM
    Yea, finally a separatist with some brains. Too few and far between. Sounds very much like a federalist if you ask me. But, who really cares what this guy says? The fact that he finds so much fault with the PQ and all their lies and garbage in trying to break up a great country like Canada and yet says he hope for a rebuild of the party so they can once again Make Quebec a country just shows he's as sick as the rest of them. No compassion from this end. The PQ has stolen years from many lives and I still say treason would be a just sentence for everyone of them!!!
  4. SStM posted on 05/06/2014 11:03 PM
    People like Drainville Lisée Marois Duceppe Laurin , These are the real Québec bashers. These are the people that heap humiliation on Quebecers. I didn't agree with Levesque but he had some integrity and he was not a supporter of nationalism. Nationalism, as Einstein eloquently said, ""Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.""
  5. steve posted on 05/07/2014 08:22 AM
    And what about that anglo loving Diane De Courcy?
  6. Bren posted on 05/08/2014 08:49 AM
    The three instigators should be wearing traffic cones for dunce caps.

    I was sure that Quebec would stand tall against these paper thin bullies.

    Time to showcase our collective strengths, creativity and talent.

    We've got this.

    Montreal is back!
  7. George73 posted on 05/08/2014 02:54 PM
    I wouldn't trust any of these two-face baboons to walk my dog. They'd say they had done it when they hadn't.
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