Tolls on Champlain would mean tolls everywhere, says Coderre

Denis Coderre meets with politicians in Quebec city
Angelica Montgomery/CJAD

Denis Coderre says if the federal government starts charging to use the Champlain bridge, tolls will have to go up everywhere.

"It will create a snowball effect and we will be forced to put them up everywhere," Montreal's mayor said during a trip to Quebec city. "When we put them up everywhere, it will weeken the downtown especially."

Coderre said under those circumstances, people will not longer want to head to the city's economic center.

He was referring to a report from Quebec's transport ministry, obtained by Radio-Canada, that says tolls on the Champlain bridge will lead to a spike in use at other surrounding crossings.

Though tolls on Champlain are unacceptable to Coderre, he says a compromise solution is always possible. "We need that meeting with the prime minister. It's not a wrestling match here."

The mayor says if the federal government continues to forge ahead with the idea, he will make it an election issue in 2015.

The conservatives currently hold no seats in or around Montreal

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  1. Richard posted on 05/06/2014 05:41 PM
    So put tolls everywhere.
    The mayor is crying that we need more sources of revenue?
    Well there you go

    People want the advantages of living off island but working in Montreal? Well its time to pay for them
    1. Gary posted on 05/07/2014 05:39 AM
      @Richard The money collected from the tolls, wouldn't go to the city of Montreal. It goes to who owns the bridge; the federal government.
  2. Mike d posted on 05/06/2014 06:36 PM
    That is a great idea. There should be tolls on all bridges. This way we will have money to build better ones.
  3. Joe posted on 05/06/2014 08:13 PM
    Coderre says if the federal government continues to forge ahead with the toll idea that he will make it an election issue in 2015. The Conservatives do not have any seats in or around Montreal. That being the case why should they worry. As it is, they are paying for the bridge therefore it DOES NOT matter what Coderre says. If he keeps complaining, they could just as easy say forget the bridge. They are not worried about losing seats as they have none here anyway.
  4. ric posted on 05/06/2014 10:38 PM
    No one ever said that tolls will be going up on the other bridges, so what's Coderre crying about. Other than those working downtown, who actually goes there? Free parking at shopping malls and less headaches to get around. Seems that I've heard politicians say that there should be less cars in the downtown core, this is the solution.
  5. Enzo posted on 05/07/2014 02:54 PM
    I have said it before and will say it again. If the Montreal or Quebec governments want a say in how the bridge is built and whether or not there will be tolls, then let them pay for part of it. Otherwise, none of your business. The Feds are paying the whole shot so why should they not be allowed to decide how it is ti be funded?
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