Als' GM Jim Popp's wife survives shark attack in South Carolina

Shocking news for Alouettes GM Jim Popp.

His wife has survived a shark attack in South Carolina while swimming on Hilton Head island.

Popp tweeted gruesome photos of the bite marks on his wife Kimberly’s left leg.

The wounds required dozens of stitches.

He wrote“my Super Hero wife Kim, mother of 6, sweet as honey, tougher than steel."

The odds of being attacked by a shark are said to be one in 11.5-million.


Photo credit: Jim Popp

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  1. Rina posted on 05/08/2014 11:31 PM
    Wow, she must have been terrified! Can't believe that there are sharks so close , South Carolina... Crazy weather changes must be considered and all bets are off. I wish her a speedy recovery... I'm sure she had an angel watching out for her...
  2. john posted on 05/09/2014 08:36 AM
    Stupid remark, if an Angel was involved she would not have gotten bitten in the first place!
  3. Dem posted on 05/09/2014 08:36 AM
    Wow, you must be ignorant! Sharks are frequently found on the coasts of the United States and Canada regardless of climate change. Yes, they get close to shore. Yes, you have probably swam with sharks without even knowing it. Most sharks are not even remotely interested in taking a bite out of a human, it is usually a case of confusion (murky water, sitting on a surfboard looking like a seal, etc).

    I also wish Kim a speedy recovery as it is terrible to be one of the VERY VERY VERY few people who get attacked by a shark. However, we need to remove the negative connotation associated with sharks and work more towards protection and conservation. - Someone who has been diving for over 20 years
  4. Eva posted on 05/09/2014 08:53 AM
    That looks so painful! How horrible that Jim Popp's wife had to endure this vicious attack. Trying to look on the bright side, it could have been much worse.

    I wish her a full and speedy recovery. I hope she's pampered this Mother's Day...:)
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