Gab Roy out pending trial

Controversial humourist and blogger Gab Roy has been freed from custody pending trial, but has to stay off the internet.

Roy is charged with luring and having sexual contact with a 15-year old girl after chatting her up on Facebook.

Pending trial, 33-year old Roy is not allowed to be in the same room as a computer connected to the internet and cannot possess a smartphone or other device for filming.

He is also prohibited from being in the company of children under the age of 16 unless he is with an adult who is aware of the charges against him.

Roy was arrested after provincial police looked into a video posted on the internet. In it, a person whose face is not shown uses a series of hand-lettered signs to accuse Roy of sexually abusing her and thereby ruining her life. She also accused Roy of doing the same to a girl who was 13.

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