Côte-des-Neiges family say landlord didn't tell them about infestation

A family in a Côte-des-Neiges apartment at 3055 Linton, is fighting to get money from their landlord because they say he didn't tell them the place was infested with cockroaches before they moved in.

Lauren Smilesteen says she and her husband noticed the cockroach problems within days of moving in.

“They were in the bedroom, they were in drawers, crawling in our night table, on our feet,” Smilesteen told CJAD.

She said they've been looking for a new place to live but with a two-year-old son they can't leave until they know they have somewhere to go.

She says her landlord didn't tell her about the cockroach problem and he should refund them for the time they spent living in unbearable conditions.

“We would have never moved in if we knew there was a cockroach problem!"

The landlord says he thought the cockroaches were gone, that he won't give them any money back but he'll let them break the lease whenever they want.

When asked if he'll let the next tenants know about the cockroaches he said:

“I don’t have to tell CJAD what I’m going to do and there won’t be cockroaches because we’re taking care of it,” Aaron Grosz said.

Tenants-rights advocate Ted Wright says landlords are not under the legal obligation to tell new tenants about cockroaches unless a city inspector determines the apartment is unliveable.

Smilesteen says she plans on bringing in city inspectors.

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  1. Bryan posted on 05/09/2014 04:43 PM
    Terrible the way some landlords treat their tenants.
    1. lance posted on 09/12/2014 01:18 AM
      @Bryan Yes terrible but landlords do not bring the cockroaches, bugs, spiders, bedbugs and whatnot into the apartment .. tenants do.And some tenants won't even let the landlord in to rectify the problem.Some tenants ruin it for others.Every landlord I know wants to keep his building in tiptop shape but unfortunately the bad ones ruin those plans
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