Guy Chevrette continues to defend the 'road to nowhere'

Former PQ transport minister Guy Chevrette was back on the stand for day two of his long-awaited testimony at the Charbonneau Commission Friday.

And once again, the focus was on the much-maligned "road to nowhere".

The road in question is a 50 km stretch of road between two remote towns in the lower Laurentians, Lac-Supérieur and St. Donat, which bureaucrats didn't think was necessary, but which Chevrette insisted on building anyway.

It cost $18 million to build more than a decade ago, and is now referred to as "the bike path", because it's so little-used.

Another witness this week, former transport ministry staffer Mario Turcotte, accused Chevrette of bureaucratic meddling in order to have it built.

On the stand Friday, Chevrette suggested it was part of the transport ministry's action plan in December 2000, and it was part of a vision to preserve the lower Laurentian region as a tourist destination. He also insisted the local tourism association wanted it.

And once again, a combative Chevrette pointed out it was a political decision, and that he had every right to overrule the bureaucrats.

"The government is elected to make decisions. Bureaucrats are there to execute them and provide counsel," Chevrette insisted.

Chevrette had requested a chance to testify to respond to allegations of political interference made against him at the Commission's hearings last year by former political organizer Gilles Cloutier — a man Chevrette insisted he only met once, at an Expos game.

Cloutier had insisted he played golf with him, something Chevrette insists never happened.

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  1. joeN posted on 05/09/2014 11:31 AM
    "The government is elected to make decisions. Bureaucrats are there to execute them and provide counsel," Chevrette insisted. This is a shinning example of how power corrupts the minds of politicians. So why do we have bureaucrates and government experts on the payroll to advise the ministry of transport, Mr. Chevrette?? So it boils down to do as I say and not what is the right and moral thing to do!
  2. SStM posted on 05/09/2014 04:28 PM
    This is but one of many Roads to Nowhere that nationalism and petty provincial politics and policies have built with Quebecers' money for Quebecers. Who benefits? Certainly not the Quebecers who wait for public medical care while their "employees" jump ahead via private health care and send their kids to publicly subsidized private schools.
  3. More BS posted on 05/11/2014 03:19 PM
    This is the separatists unofficial motto ( the road to nowhere ).
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