Thibault says she was Canada's best lieutenant governor

Lise Thibault
Angelica Montgomery/CJAD

Quebec's former lieutenant governor says she was the best in the country.

Lise Thibault is on trial for fraud, breach of trust, and the fabrication and use of false documents. A six-hour recording of her being interogated by police officers has been released to a Quebec city courtroom.

In it, she says she was one of the nation's most active in her position. "On the whole of Canada, it was Quebec that had the best lieutenant governor," she says.

Over the course of her conversation, she complains to police about her 100-thousand dollar salary, saying that she often signed appointments for high-level civil servants who were making more than her.

And, she dicussed why she claimed expenses for activities that were not on her official agenda. She describes one situation where she met a boy with serious burns while she was golfing.

"I knew that if the Queen had been placed in a situation like that she would perhaps have dared to change her agenda. But, I gave myself the permission, sir."

At another point in the tape, Thibault says the auditor general had been "very simply disgusting."

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  1. Joe posted on 05/09/2014 06:22 PM
    This one is like the PQ, like what she did is normal. Gimme a break, and pay it back, hospitals are desperately in need of the $$$$ you wasted.
  2. CDU posted on 05/09/2014 09:48 PM
    I hope she fries. I hope she gets a gigantic fine and jail time. But knowing our system, she'll get some news coverage and then be appointed to a more lucrative position and not learn a single thing. Ugh.
  3. ric posted on 05/09/2014 10:30 PM
    Not only pay back the money, she should be FINED and JAILED. She has no excuses nor any remorse for her crime. Time to set an example.
  4. Don posted on 05/09/2014 10:40 PM
    She was Canada's Best Lieutenant Governor, as far as ripping Canadians off.
  5. Eric posted on 05/09/2014 10:56 PM
    As the saying goes: She's a legend in her own mind"!! Incredible ego!!!
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