Beehive of activity on Westmount Library rooftop

The Westmount Public Library will be literally buzzing with activity starting next month.

The city is setting up an urban beehive on the library's roof.

Alex McLean is co-founder of Alvéole, an urban agriculture and beekeeping service which will be installing and taking care of the beehive and about 30,000 honey bees, as well as collecting the honey for the city.

He said library users don't have to worry about being stung.

"People tend to think that they can be a little difficult, but bees are actually very, very docile and very organized. The actual added danger of the hive on top of the library of Westmount is very limited," McLean told CJAD 800 News.

"Bees are extremely docile and will only sting if they really, really feel a danger. Being about ten feet away from the hives or four kilometers from the hives, there's no added danger for anyone, really."

McLean said Westmount is now among 30 sites where they've set up beehives. And by mid-June that number will grow to 100 all around the Montreal region.

"People are interested in understanding more about bees, saving bees and also starting to produce more local, different products such as honey," McLean said.

"There's a huge decline of bees, in the bee population across the world. People are more aware about bees than ever. There's also at the same time a big movement towards urban agriculture, to start producing more locally, so to produce as much vegetables as there could be as honey and anything like that."

A viewing station will be set up in the library for a closer look at the beehive. But not too close.

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